12 Jun 2017 02:05 PM
By: ImpulseGear

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1.05 Patch Notes

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Farpoint patch 1.05 is now live! Main new features are: Story mode now resumes progress from mid-level checkpoints, 180 turn added to small step, reset tracking option in game menu, reduced Brute exploiting in Co-Op.
  • Story mode now resumes progress and restores weapons from mid-level checkpoints
  • Fixed a bug where the player could unintentionally bring the equipped weapons from Cooperative mode into Story
  • Added the option to initiate a 180 degree snap turn while using "Small Step" while pressing down on the stick
  • Fixed a bug in Cooperative mode where players could exploit enemy spawns (Brute kiting fix)
  • Added an option in the pause menu to reset tracking when looking at the camera
  • Fixed a bug in Challenge mode where the time bonus was not calculated correctly in the Descent and Hanger maps
  • Added additional hints when respawning at the spider boss
  • Updated the wrist watch to display in-game clock above health bar
  • Fixed a number of rare crash bugs
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

  • SirJohn

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    Great job! Loving the game! :)
  • The checkpoint issue was a real drawback for this otherwise great game.  Glad it's been improved.  A baffling decision to have such long checkpoints in the first place, as some prefer to play VR in short (but amazing) bursts.


    I don't know if it's been patched in to be able to replay levels.  If not, then that would be good if it could.

  • Hi skybluerob!  Levels can be individually replayed after completing the Story mode.