07 Nov 2017 09:30 PM
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Announcing the Versus Expansion Pack — This free update brings the most requested user feature, by far, player vs player to Farpoint. The Versus Expansion Pack supports 1v1 gameplay with different enemy AI teammates that the player can spawn and use strategically to gain an advantage.

There are two PvP game modes, Deathmatch and Uplink. In Uplink, communication relays are dropped into the play area that the player must capture and hold to gain points. Killing the other player and enemy AI will also award points.

For both Deathmatch and Uplink, it is a round based system. You need to win 2 out of 3 rounds on each map to be declared the winner. Each round takes place in a different/separate area of the map so you need to learn the layout of each area to master a map. 3 new PvP maps (with 3 areas each) are included in the Versus Expansion Pack.

In addition to the PvP game mode, the following new features are included in the Versus Expansion Pack:

- Player XP progression system with unlockable skins
- Weapon XP progression system with 15 new weapons to unlock.
- Chaos difficulty Co-Op games are significantly more chaotic.
- Easily crouch while sitting using the crouch button toggle.
- New turning comfort settings (yes, they can all be disabled).
- New trophies.
- Various bug fixes and improvements.

Stay tuned for more updates leading up to release.


Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack - Weapons and Levels

The Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack includes 3 new player skins and 15 new weapons. The new skins and weapons are unlocked by gaining Player and Weapon XP.

Player XP is awarded by the score you receive in Challenge, Co-Op and PVP modes. The score shown at the end of the match will be converted to XP. There is a bonus for playing PVP since in general the PVP scores are lower. This bonus means that you can earn Player XP at the same rate in all of the game modes.

There are 16 player levels in total and you unlock a new player icon for each level. Every 5 levels you unlock one of the 3 new player skins.

For Weapon XP, it is awarded by damaging enemies using one of the 5 base weapon classes; Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Plasma Rifle and Spike Gun. Damaging enemies with an Assault Rifle class weapon will earn Weapon XP for the Assault Rifle class of weapons. Again, there are different bonuses for playing different game modes so that you get roughly the same amount of Weapon XP regardless of what game mode you are playing.

There are 15 levels for each weapon class and you unlock a new weapon in that class every 5 levels. So, in addition to the 5 base weapons in Farpoint you know and love there are 15 new ones to unlock. These new weapons are very different from the base weapons and offer all new strategies and methods of play.

More info on each new weapon coming soon.


Some more information about the PvP mode included in the Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack.

The 3 new maps are Underworld, Pipeline and Permafrost. In each of these maps there are 3 separate areas where you battle against the other player. The player who wins 2 out of the 3 areas wins the map.

A key part of the gameplay is capturing enemy spawn points. If you capture them the enemies will fight on your side. Each enemy type has a different function and abilities so choosing which one to spawn and when is a tactical decision. 

As an example, Grunt enemies will stay near you and act as body guards. Drones will scan and search for the other player. You can follow them to find out where the other player might be hiding. The Goobers act as artillery, lobbing acid balls down on the enemy player and enemy AI. You can only have a limited number of active allies at one time so you will want to be selective who you summon.



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