01 Jun 2017 02:16 PM
By: ImpulseGear

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1.04 Patch Notes

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Farpoint patch 1.04 is now available! The main features are improved matchmaking (now checks connection speed) and swap stick support for lefties.


  • Added ability to swap thumbsticks for left-handed players
  • Improved matchmaking searches
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that could occur when returning to the lobby
  • Fixed a bug where the scanning beam would remain visible in the lobby after the player left
  • Fixed a bug where text could overlap when returning to the lobby from a Cooperative game session
  • Changed the game flow to return the player to the lobby upon completing a Story mission (only if the player has already completed the campaign)
  • Added a confirmation message when exiting a lobby to prevent accidental departures
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements