05 Aug 2017 02:00 PM
By: Twosmellyfeet

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What is the deal with Farpoint?

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What is the deal with Farpoint and the Aim Controller? It's been roughly three months now and still no word of them in stores or retailers online anywhere. I already had to purchase the Farpoint game without the Aim Controller and it seems like I will be finished playing the game before the controller gets re-released. What is the deal Sony? are you all at a lost because ya'll sold the game and gun bundle for 80 bucks and now all the bootleggers got them on ebay and craiglslist for more than 200 dollars. On next release of this seemingly awesome hardware, please restrict internet sales at all retailers to one per household or IP address. Something must be done! Now die hard fans are missing out because we refuse to pay 200 or more dollars for something that cost 80 dollars at launch. I really hope that everbody that brought extra bundles to jack up the price and resell gets stuck!!! with those extra game bundles. Once I'm done playing Farpoint with my dual shock controller I will not be in the market to get an Aim Controller unless Sony comes out with a new game that will utilize this style of play as well. Hint, Wink, Wink Call of Duty VR. Please! get on the ball with Sony, please!

  • Yea, I bought Starblood arena instead of Farpoint because of this. Good news is the Gamestop website has the gun for $59.99 now. However, I agree, a couple of games that use the gun would be nice.



  • I got lucky and boutgh mine in Italy, I paid 89,99 euros. I loved the game and I hope a sequel will be here soon. But the lack of PS AIM in the stores is a problem. We need more investments on the VR so it can succeed. And Farpoint is a geat game to help in it.