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30 Jan 2019 03:20 AM
By: smallvillefan27

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Absolute Masterpiece......just had a thought

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i do not even know how to begin to explain what i just played because the word game just is not strong enough. Epic odessey god simulator bloodthirsty rip people and monster apart adreneline fest is best i can do to describe what i just finished. All i can say for they next one is just more....i wanna lift bigger things....bigger boss battles...more types of monsters....more types of kill animations.....and please understand i would not DARE complain about anything in this epic experience because this is perfection as far as im concerned. There is a feature that i do wish this game had though....AC Odessey just released a patch in thier game where you can change the cosmetic look of your armor ....and the reason i wondered if this is something that santa monica could do is because i LOVE the look of kratos when you first start the game but you cant where is forever because the stats are terrible  so if possible you guys do any more patches i wondered if this would be possible ....great INCREADIBLE job and THANK YOU for this game my god!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes. I’m in awe of this game myself. God of war never fails to blow your mind. Storyline is too good, graphics are excellent. Can’t wait for the next one. 
  • agreed i swear i HOPE its noe another 5 years or at least we get some dlc to hold us over....thats the only thing i think i really want out of this game is just MORE