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23 Jun 2018 03:43 PM
By: LupanMortis

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GoW Continuity? Collection Remake?

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GoW left alot to be desired in the new one though left without continuing when it seems as though they have a lot placed to continue the story into going after Thor, Odin and dealing with Freya. Yet nothing was really stated at E3 other than a possible update with "New Game+". I hope there is a continuation that will happen instead of just waiting on a sequel. I also was wondering since they did place GoW3 on PS4. Would there be a possibility of the whole collection possibly remade for current gen or next gen in the works and if so would anyone be interested in it? Is anyone else wanting a continuation DLC instead of an awaiting game sequel? Will it conjoin to the progress that a player has already made in the game when it is started if it is a sequel instead of DLC? Anyone else hoping for more Spartan power as represented in GoW3? 

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Actually, game director Cory Barlog has said in a few interviews that there was supposed to be more in the game, but the issue they found was that the game was too packed and didn't have a focused enough story (just trying to throw in as many gods in there as possible to cram pack it). They wound up cutting a lot of it and made a more focused story instead because they realized some of the elements they were writing, really should be for future games.


    I do think the plan is to offer a new trilogy of God of War, and the entire story arc you're looking for will take place across those multiple games. In interviews, Cory has also seemed to hint that story DLC wasn't really in the plan. It seems more like the plan is to offer mutliple high-quality games that make up the new story arc for God of War. Personally, I think that's a great decision, as that avoids issues as you mention of DLC-continuity, and now the team can get focused right away on the next title to make it as great as possible, as opposed to splitting the team off into DLC.


    New Game+ is definitely happening however, confirmed in a future update. As for remasters of the originals? Eh, I don't know. Santa Monica is going to be focused on the sequel to the 2018 God of War. Maybe another studio could tackle it. I suppose the new God of War has sold well enough some may think it could be a good idea to re-master all of the originals. However, that depends on interest I suppose as the originals are VERY different from the new one. A lot of people who didn't like the originals, got interested in the franchise thanks to the new one's approach. Personally, I played GoW 3 Remaster and while it was fun, I definitely prefer the new style.