04 Sep 2017 10:52 AM
By: TheWazerRifle

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Cant Connect Online.

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So after a while of not playing helldivers on mah psvita i decide to pick it back up again and try and play it to show a friend the game,but when i hit the "play" button on the start screen it signs into PSN just fine but it haults the loading on the "booting ship online capabilities". Ive sacrificed all my progress (lvl 14) by re-downloading it and it still cant connect online.i hope someone has a fix for this because about the hardest difficulty i can do solo is easy. Especialy with having to start all over cuz re download

edit: i went to friends house and his wifi worked just fine, so now ik its my wifi not game or vita but can someone pls give me an in depth solution to this.

  • Have you updated to the latest system software on your Vita, or are you with ISP AT&T?
  • Tokaz97

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    restart your system ,me sometimes like that so i restart my system 
  • Tokaz- ive tried it several times and doesnt seem to work, thanks for response tho.

    ForeverAPeaon- i just downloaded the update and still doesnt work and yes i am with AT&T,

  •  am having the same issue. I just bought the game today and i thought the servers were no longer up or something. My ISP is ATT as well. do i port forward my vita?