05 Jan 2018 02:51 AM
By: Unknown

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Helldivers CE-34788-0 Crash

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Hi Guys, I'm have problem while playing Helldivers, it keep on crashing everytime me and my family member is playing. 
FYI, Helldivers is a Online shooting game where you can play up to 4players either with your family member couch co-op or online people or both. 
Im using a Asia PSN Acc to play whereas my family member using US PSN & UK PSN to play.
Tried contacting the Game but they said it most probably the PS4 Fault. 
And this crash is only happen on Helldivers only. 
I just bought my PS4 pro like a month ago and i hope its not the console fault. 
Tried Deleted the game and reinstall, Rebuild data base and initialize PS4, 
Still does not work, 
I hope i give enough information for someone to know whats going on or doubting. 
Im open to any method to try to stop this crashing
Please help. 


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  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

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    Visit the helpdesk for helldivers for further troubleshooting. Click Here.