10 Jan 2018 12:41 AM
By: alef321

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Helldivers way of applying DLC is a mess

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 I already searched all over about the whole different main accounts on ps4 and systems, I already coped with the fact that I spent 10 dollars on nothing, it's ok I guess... I did get the game free like many others via plus.
My peril was
This account is my main acc on my ps4 where I play helldivers and got it via PLUS.
Got DLC on secondary NON US account.
DLC doesn't work (and won't ever)
good to know there's these kinds of DLC around, gotta stay vigilante and be more cautious from now on.
What a shame, game is actually really fun which is the reason I got the dlc (couldn't buy it with USdollars at the time)