15 Jan 2018 05:42 AM
By: ArtistXL

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I've purchased a PS4 Super-Earth Ultimate but all terrain boots lock?

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I've purchased a Super-Earth Ultimate Edition but all terrain boots get blue lock.

How can I unlock it? Then I see a Terrain Specialist Pack in PS4 store said "This content can be downloaded for free separately for users who have bought the REINFORCEMENTS MEGA BUNDLE or all the contents in that bundle individually."

Where can I download it? or I must pay with this addon.

  • For some strange reason the ultimate edition doesn't contain the terrain specialist pack (which contains the boots) plus one other pack who's name escapes me and you must buy them separately. Otherwise the Super Earth Ultimate Edition contains all other DLC, the Mega Reinforcement Bundle is a DLC bunde that unlocks most if not all the character packs however since the Ultimate Edition already contains all but two of them DON'T get this. Thankfully the two remaining packs are only $2.99 each so not too expensive of an investment to finish off the DLC collection (though why they aren't already in the ultimate edition is beyond me). Hope this helps and maybe I'll see you on the battlefield Helldiver!