22 Jun 2017 09:23 PM
By: wai642

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Riot shield suggestion and wHat the hEck is with the SH32 Front facing "shield"

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So I recently purchased the "Entrenched DLC", it's cool but I can't say I'm blown away. 2 Of the main reasons are the potency of the Barbed Wire and the so called "Shield Generator". I recommend some changes to these things. 1. Plain and simple, increase the potency of the damage and slowing effect on said Barbed Wire, it feels like only a tiny neucence (if I can spell) on enemies. Kinda like they're speed is reduced by 1/4 and the Damage is equivalent to that of half of one normal default melee. I recommend the Slowing Effect be increased to the point where it's about slighty more than the half of Static Field and the Damage be comparable to the Firewall but minus the burn damage and replaced with a slightly less severe Bleed damage, same properties, just slightly more out fitted to seem like Barbed Wire. 2. From my personal experience, the Shield Generator is good for 2 things. Blocking all damage from the tiniest imps from the Cyborgs and as opposed to all of your health drained only to 2 small ticks of damage from the Hulk's minigun. That's it, that's literally all the damage it negates and not a single bit more. 

I recommend a complete change to this piece of equipment. 1. Instead of the smallest damage reduction, why not have it negate all damage from the front in an actual shield like manner (for those who don't know it's not really a shield, it's like putting slightly more armor on only the front facing side of your character, any and all bullets that hit from the front just pass through the shield), or if not even that, have it negate any and all damage (Explosive, Incendiary, blade, Bullet, etc.) to the point of resistance where you can tank anything. (Ex. An IFV rolls up and gets a surprise shell off and it hits the shield, instead of instantly killing you it would bounce off much like shells to the Hulk's shield, but you still take about 1/2 - 1/4 of your first health bar. Sounds cool right?) 

Riot Shield idea: It would function much like the SH 32 except instead of a Riehndhart like Shield, this is a one person, singular only shield. This will take up your secondary/support weapon spot and must be called in. It would negate all bullet,  minor explosive, melee, incendiary, damage. Against IVFs and larger Enemies it would provide a significant resistance rather than a flat out negation. 

Level 1. Not as much of a resistance, you move extremely slowly

Level 2. Lightweight alloy metal allow for a much faster walk speed and slightly more of a resistance

Level 3. Entire damage negation upgrade, in addition, a small space is provided for a one handed weapon to be utilized


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  • cusman

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    I think the barb wire and kinetic shield both fit better in the game as they exist than your suggestions which seek to add imbalances.

    Your idea for Riot Shield as a Secondary / Support item would allow shield with jump pack, shield with shield. Not really against the idea because taking up the Secondary / Support item slot will be a balancing factor.

  • wai642

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    @Cusman, Yea. I've been playing more with the Barbed Wire and whatnot and it seems to be a lot better than I thought but I still wish it would slow just a teensy bit more but idk that's most likely just irrational and wishful thinking. Thanks for feedback :)
  • the shield works fine.for me at least,it blocks pretty much everything that is not explosive.you should play aroung more with it.as for the barb wire it does serve its purpose.