05 Nov 2017 04:39 AM
By: getli14

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How to get Shredder missile strike?

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Dear helldivers palyer,

I wandor how I can get the Shredder missile strike since it just disappear from the planet reward in any planets. Actually, the first time I play it is still there but after I sync with the server, this item just gone. Anyone knows how to get it back or it will show up randomly. Thank you in advance.

  • This is a problem for me as well -- I heard there is a glitch so the Shredder is no longer becoming unlockable via planet completion. Would be helpful if the dev could confirm this. Makes the platinum unobtainable if true.
  • I've never heard of this happening, I recently got the shredder myself trough a method that may help you; join a game in progress that has it as the reward. It was convenient for me since it showed up on a Level 10 planet in the in progress game instead of the 11 on my map.