29 May 2016 10:34 AM
By: Ickbath

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Start from Level 0 - Reset Character

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I want to start over the game from Level 0, reseting completely my Character's progress. But I don't want to create another PSN account. I just want to delete the online save data, like with any other game. Thanks for the support here.

  • Impossible. Progress is actually tied to your account. 

  • cusman

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      This option is available within the game from the Progression Settings menu on Steam version of Helldivers, but not on the PSN version of Helldivers.


    The reason Arrowhead added the option on Steam version is some people had implemented a cheat early on that would automatically upgrade them to Rank 50 and unlock everything and upgrade everything. Not just for themselves, but also for anybody else they played with. This left players feeling robbed of enjoying the natural progression, so in addition to putting in a fix to prevent the cheating, Arrowhead also added options that would allow players to Reset their characters progress.


    They gave 3 options

    • Complete Reset
    • Rank level down (to be done 1 at a time for as many Ranks as you want to go down). Only way to re-lock Rank unlocked Weapons and Outfits is to Rank down low enough
    • Reset Unlocks (all Planetary / Campaign rewards get locked again)

    I never tried the Complete Reset option, but the nice thing about the other two which I have tried is that you don't lose your Stats


    Note: The Reset Unlocks doesn't remove any upgrades from the starting loadout Stratagems (Resupply, MG Turret, MG-94, and Vindicator) nor the Yellow Special Strats (Nuke, Reinforce, and Sniffer), nor any of the DLC Weapons / Stratagems.


    I think if they would add the same option to PSN version of game, some people would enjoy using it because their only alternative currently is to start with a new PSN account.


      is there any chance the Progression Settings options from Steam version can make it to PSN version of Helldivers in a future patch/update?

  • It was something which we wanted to do, but there was some complications and problems with the way it would affect the cross-save across PSN. It was especially hard to implement these changes without completely ruining something else - a risk we don't want to take. :(

  • You can't simply give us the ability to delete all versions of our cross-save saves from the PSN network? There apparently isn't any data being uploaded during the login process, only download from the server to the user. If we could have the option to do a compete reset, the server could sync a default reset save on login that gets overwritten by the session that requests the default reset save.

    This is an amazing game but being able to start over should a players choice. I want a fresh start & instead I'm stuck playing on my existing character with points distributed to things I don't even use because I didn't know better then. If true reset isn't an option, would you at least include a way to reset points used?