02 Feb 2018 01:57 AM
By: killzonekhan

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Unable to Download DLC that I Purchased.

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Dear Gamers,

I have a simple problem. I purchased the Season 3 Pass for Rainbow Six Siege yesterday for $29.99. The amount was deducted and I recieved a notification that it will be availaible in the downloads folder. I checked and its not there. I started to look for solutions online and Tried every solution.Restored the licence. Restart PS4. Logged in PS via PS Store. I just posted on the Twitter support forum of Playstation and still waiting for a response. Now when I access the DLC via PS Store it says "The content is not availaible". Need all kind of help possible regarding this query.


A Stressed Soul

  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

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    Please ensure that your account is set to the correct region, otherwise you will encounter issues such as these with region restricted content.