02 Feb 2017 03:28 PM
By: JoeJoeMcTwist

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Ps4 pro supersampling performance issues

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Please add an option for players with ps4 pro who play on a 1080p display to turn off supersampling. The game runsure well 95% of the time but when there's a lot going on the frame rate dips belown 20 fps. Two examples of this are when placing hellfire napalm, or against bugs when the tenticle creature uses its tenticles, the game becomes extremely choppy and the game looks muddy. I recently bought a ps4 pro and it's running worse that my original ps4 did! Please add an option to disable supersampling.

No other game that I own underperforms like this. I've resorted to changing my ps4 settings to 720 just so the game can run smoothly. Please patch this.

  • wilier

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    the image below shows black boxes appearing only in this shuttle screen. Happened twice in the last two wars.
    please pass onto your developers to see if there is an easy fix.
    wilier wrote:
    So I've tried Helldivers on PS4 Pro and overall it's an excellent experience paired with a 4K tv. Resolution is noticeably sharper.

    Only had one isolated weird incident in which multiple rectangular black boxes appeared overlayed on top of the Super Earth Victory screen (where the ship fleet is parked outside Super Earth).

    Otherwise it's been a great experience.


  • I've been patiently waiting for this to get patched. Can you please make supersampling optional for ps4 pro owners so we can enjoy the game at higher performance levels. 

  • please add an option to turn off supersampling on ps4 pro because it causes performance issues. This is still a problem to this day. When a lot is happening on screen, it turns into a muddy blur. Please patch this.
  • It's on the requested patch list. I cannot give you a timeframe for when/if this will get fixed in a patch, but the request is noted and the devs can see it :)
  • Awesome, I'm glad to hear that. Thank you.
  • no issues witht the game on ps4 pro on my end. game looks good better than on the vita lol
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