inFAMOUS Second Son & inFAMOUS First Light
16 Apr 2014 03:08 AM
By: PurpleReignHat

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Infamous Second Son Stuck on Random Download that it Initiated in the MIddle of Gameplay

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I made it to the bridge scene, and I was getting ready to go through the checkpoint; when all of the sudden the screen went to this download crap. I have the disk version of the game, what should it need to download?


It says: 

Estimated time remaining:




Quitting the game will not cancel your download"

I have let it sit here for over a hour and it has not moved one single percent over 11. 

I tried quitting the application and going back in, still at the same percentage & time. 


What on earth is going on, I want to play the game and am rather frustrated. 

  • When you first start the game, it has to download its install data in the background. If you reach a certain point before this finishes, you'll be forced to wait. The majority of players don't have to go through this and any problem would be with your connection. Disk-based PS4 games, like downloaded games, have to install to the hardrive. This isn't anything new and even PS3 games had you installing 10, 20, or even 30GB per game.

  • Same here. I bought the game on the Ps4 Store and i was scanning my finger and it went straight to "downloading game files" i waited 1 day and 7 hours and when i got to meet "First Light/ Fetch" it did it again. this time, it's 10h 46m 09sec
  • I'm having this problem too but it's the Disc  version! I need help!!

  • same thing is happening  with me i have hard copy.for me its saying 97% done and 12 sec remaining to download but it take forever what to do guys?

  • Jsega5

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    I'm having the same problem here. anybody with an update on this??



    please share

  • why would you bump a thread that was posted months ago this post has already been anwsered :/.

  • P3hmo6

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    Mine was stuck at 42% i fixed it by quitting game removing disc and putting it back in and it finished perfectly
  • Erbium7

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    **bleep** bro thX alot that fixed my game lol
  • Taking disc out and putting it back in works awesome helped me out

  • Thank you! That seems to have done the trick.

  • Taking out disc and putting it back got nothing, letting it Download in the background on the PS4 dashboard does not work, NONE of the suggestions have planned out! I am a fan of infamous from the start of the series, I got the series because my second favorite musician (Amon Tobin) made the music for Infamous, and I have been a fan since the first. But this has my blood boiling! I am livid about this! If I cannot fix it, than can someone help me figure out how to shove massive rocket **bleep** up this company's **bleep**, so **bleep** hard their grandkids feel the impact!!!! I cannot return the game because of store policy about not accepting opened product (I have the disc), and I am simply to take a loss while these **bleep** make off with my **bleep** money? NOT **bleep** ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They either need to fix this or get anally raped by a gang of savage silver back gorillas! How can these **bleep** suckers get away with selling defective products? Why is this **bleep** game still being sold? How is this legal? Where do I sign up to bring the pain to the **bleep**ers responsible? And **bleep** YOU Sony! **bleep** you with a chainsaw up the tight **bleep**! You **bleep** **bleep** **bleep** guzzling thief's! Do you not have any **bleep** morals at all? I am going to make it a personal mission to find every **bleep** post on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other media I can to let the world know that Sony likes to steal from kids, I am so **bleep** mad at how you just expect people to just bend over and take a loss for you miserable corpse **bleep** pedophilic scum, that o am going to help pirates wreck your **bleep** business! Any publicity is good put nd
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  • Taking it out and putting it back in does not work mine isat 0% and say it has 168:00:00 plz help