inFAMOUS Second Son & inFAMOUS First Light
17 Sep 2017 05:28 PM
By: nboothe

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inFAMOUS Second Son - Error: Cannot Continue Playing

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I've scoured the internet for a solution to a problem my son is having but have had no success.  He recently decided to start playing Second Son again and found that his disc was scratched.  Luckily PS was offering it for free with Playstation Plus so we downloaded it.  He began to play it and after about 15 minutes it stopped with the error "Cannot Continue Playing...".   The error went on to tell me to delete the game and reinstall it which we have done numerous times.  Everything I can find online refers to corrupted discs or a problem with the Day One patch.  I'm not dealing with either one of these issues.   All the other games we have work fine so I don't believe it is a bad HDD.  Does anyone have any other things I can try?

Thanks in advance!