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30 Apr 2014 04:43 AM
By: Leon_Belmont

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Problem with Paper Trail: Part 2, Mission 2's code

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In the mission where you need to answer "What is the case file number that changed everything?" in, somehow the code that's being shown on the DUP's website is not working...


I followed some faqs including this one:







There are no spaces on the code above. I tried with and without the #, but nothing works.

Maybe there is a problem in the auto-generated code, but I can't seem to be able to contact support directly :(


Any ideas?

  • I had the same problem. Try making all letters lowercase. It worked for me. 


    Hope this helps!

  • This worked for me, thanks!

  • it worked for me too.


    Awesome, thanks ^^

  • Hi! I'm trying to follow these steps:


    1. The red text has numbers in it. (The #2 in "Bully #2" does not count.) These 11 digits make up a F.A.N. number for the D.O.P. website.
    2. Watch the video, the answers to the two questions on Linda's website will be answered there.


    And there's no video for me to watch? Please reply ASAP! :)

  • I try to put in the case file number that (changed everything) but it never seems to work.  my case file is only numbers that are hidden in the red text, i found another website where the person had the same number so i copy and paste and still nothing. not sure what to do now

  • Try Lower Cased letters, it will help OwO

  • im having the same problem but nothing works i tried lower case too help please