inFAMOUS Second Son & inFAMOUS First Light
13 Sep 2017 09:49 PM
By: the1stjz

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Sucker Punch many of us have just DLed ISS and are trying to play Paper Trail Is this game from 2014 still working?

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Infamous 2nd Son was September's free game for ps+ members. We have been trying to play Paper Trail and have gotten as far as the code for Delsen's phone we hit submit then...nothing. Will someone explain things. Sucker Punch how about it?

  • I to am having the same issue.  I've done everything as in looking at all the pictures.  Going to the website, entering the required information, going through the files.  Find the code and enter it into the phone and for my trouble it tells me to go back to the game and the game tells me to go and look at the pictures.  Is this as far as the DLC is allowing you to go now or is there a bug of some sort.
  • I believe you have to go to the website provided and create an account to access Paper Trail. As though I've played the game (not the expansion) I've gone to the website to create an account. The game needs a physical tie to be able to upload the stuff!


    Hope this helps!