inFAMOUS Second Son & inFAMOUS First Light
23 Jun 2018 03:35 PM
By: LupanMortis

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Will InFamous 1 & 2 come to PS4?

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I would like a remake of InFamous 1 & 2 come to the PS4. Enjoyed them on the PS3. Some might also want InFamous Festival of Blood. It would be nice to have it come to current gen since next gen is still a few years off. I enjoyed them more so than second son. Who else would be up for a remake?

  • Gnapz

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    I personally don't believe they really need to re-make both games. They're classics on their own.

    If I'm feeling nostalgic, I can always subscribe to PS now, where both Infmaous games can be played.

    If in the future, they decide on remaking both games for the younger generation, I'm ok with that.
    I believe it's been about nine or ten years since the first game was released. Quite a while, but
    should that be long enough to warrant a remake?

  • i think they should too!


  • As late in the generation as it is I wouldn't count on it but, the it might be possible that the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS3 games. We will have to see though.
  • noahdx

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    Sony its 2019 and I would still buy an infamous remaster day one