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07 Jun 2017 11:09 PM
By: Krystiiian

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It has almost been five years since the the first PlayStation all-stars game came out back in November of 2012, and its one of games I wish they brought back with a sequel or even just a remake as I feel like I had so much opportunity to be more then what it turned out to be.


Now I wasn’t the best at the game and am not that big of fan of fighting games, but for some reason this game spoke to me, as I loved seeing all my favorite PlayStation character, and some I had never heard of, all in one game, and going over to my friend’s house and playing four player versus all night created some of my favorite memories on the ps3.




The original game shipped with 20 playable characters and added 4 more as dlc making 24 all together. I feel like a bigger roster is defeintly needed,  so for the sake of this post im going to bring you 32 characters I would love the see in the new allstars game.


I will be cutting a great portion of the 3rd party characters from the first game and focusing more heavily on the games exculsive to playstation and ones that are, or have been associated with it in the past. Ill also have some fun ones too cause its my list so why not :P 


returning characters:

1) Nathan Drake ( Uncharted )

2) Cole Macgrath ( infamous ) have his evil and good form be a variant in one character.  

3) Jak & Daxter ( Jak & Daxter )

4) Ratchet & Clank ( Ratchet & Clank )

5) Sweet Tooth ( Twisted Metal )

6) Kratos ( God of War ) original and new bearded kratos character variant ??

7) Sackboy ( littlebigplanet )

8) Sir Daniel Fortesque ( MediEvil )

9) PaRappa the Rapper ( PaRappa the Rapper )

10) Sly Cooper ( Sly Cooper )

11) Kat ( Gravity Rush ) 

12) Fat Princess ( Fat Princess ) 

13) Spike ( ape escape )

14) Colenel Radec ( Killzone ) 


New character:


15) Crash Bandicoot ( Crash Bandicoot ) for the love of god plz

16) Spyro ( Spyro the Dragon )

17) Gex ( Gex )

18) Knack ( Knack )

19) Cloud Strife ( final fantasy )

20) Aloy ( Horizon Zero Dawn )

21) Buzz ( Buzz! )

22) Rayman ( Rayman )

23) Iota ( Tearaway )

24) Dart Fled ( Legend of Dragoon )

25) The Hunter ( bloodbourne )

26) Chimera ( Resistance )

27) Joel and Ellie ( The last of us )

28) Sora ( Kingdom Hearts )

29) Nioh ( Nioh )

30) Shovel Knight ( Shovel Knight )

31) Octodad ( Octodad ) WHY NOT HAHA

32) Juan Aguacate ( Guacamelee )


a few extras :

Tomba ( Tomba )

Blasto ( Blasto )

Red ( Transistor )


If you have any more ideas and anyone Ive missed plz comment ! A few of these would never make the final game but whatever but whatever just did it for fun !























  • I'm hurt. No Abe, Heihachi, or Chimera Hybrid?! Lol XD

  • Bam4evr

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    I think Shovel Knight should be replaced by Robbit from Jumping Flash!

  • I'm even more hurt. Did you just kick out Nariko and Toro!?:robotsad:

  • Bam4evr

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    Ishallrule123 wrote:

    I'm hurt. No Abe, Heihachi, or Chimera Hybrid?! Lol XD

    PointlessNewb wrote:

    I'm even more hurt. Did you just kick out Nariko and Toro!?:robotsad:


    Both of these.



  • The original cast is full of unique attacks, playstyles, and combos. I have never understood why anyone would want to exclude anyone from the original cast. :(

  • Funny enough, I was just thinking about PSASBR myself the other day and made my own (incomplete) roster for a potential sequel. I just happened upon your post looking for a few ideas to add to my list. 

    VETERANS (returning characters)

    *Jak & Daxter

    *Kratos (default costume would be from upcoming game, but also have 'classic' and Diemos costumes


    *Nathan Drake (4 different skins consisting of Nate as default, Sam Drake, Elena and Chloe)

    *Parappa the Rapper

    *Ratchet & Clank

    *Sly Cooper

    *Sweet Tooth

    *Toro Inoue

    *Kat & Dusty (4 skins consisting of default Kat, Raven, Yunica and Kali Angel)

    UNLOCKABLE - Cole MacGrath (you must first beat the story mode with the other 2 Sucker Punch characters; would have 4 skins consisting of his good and evil appearances in the first inFamous and his good and evil appearances in inFamous 2)

    UNLOCKABLE - Colonel Radec (beat the story mode with any character)

    UNLOCKABLE - Raiden (beat the story mode with every other Veteran character, including locked characters)

    UNLOCKABLE - Sir Daniel Fortesque (beat Nathan Drake's story mode on hard difficulty)



    *Spider-Man (abilities and default costume based on his upcoming game)


    *Spyro the Dragon

    *Crash Bandicoot

    *Delson Rowe

    *Fury (from Darksiders 3)

    UNLOCKABLE - Chimera (available through in-game store, either via a straight up purchase or playing a lottery style game to unlock; SHOULD ONLY WORK ON IN-GAME CURRENCY, NOT REAL WORLD MONEY)

    UNLOCKABLE - Ares (beat Kratos' story mode on the hard difficulty)

    UNLOCKABLE - Wander (beat the story mode for every other Newcomer character, including other unlockable ones)


    So that's what I got so far, wondering what you guys think and if you had any suggestions? I got a butt-load of characters on my maybe pile, but I look for originality and popularity when picking characters.

  • 85 Characters total
    70 Characters minus Skins and Variants

    Returning Veterans:

    - 1st Party -
    Spike - Ape Escape
    Toro - Doko Demo Issyo
    Princess Plump - Fat Princess
    Kratos - God of War
    Zeus - God of War
    Kat - Gravity Rush
    Nariko - Heavenly Sword
    Cole Macgrath - Infamous
    Evil Cole - Infamous (Cole Variant)*
    Jak and Daxter - Jak and Daxter
    Colonel Radec - Killzone
    Sackboy - Little Big Planet
    Sir Daniel Fortesque - Medievil
    Parappa - Parappa the Rapper
    Ratchet and Clank - Ratchet and Clank
    Sly Cooper - Sly Cooper
    Emmett Graves - Starhawk
    Sweet Tooth - Twisted Metal
    Nathan Drake - Uncharted
     - 3rd Party - 
    Dante - Devil May Cry
    Raiden - Metal Gear
    Heihachi Mishima - Tekken



    - 1st Party -
    Natalie - Ape Escape (Spike Skin)
    Specter - Ape Escape
    Arc - Arc the Lad
    Captain Blasto - Blasto!
    The Good Hunter - Bloodborne
    Toan - Dark Cloud
    The Slayer of Demons - Demon's Souls
    Kuro - Doko Demo Issyo (Toro Skin)
    Princess Muffintop - Fat Princess (Plump Skin)
    Ellen - Folklore
    Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
    Delsin Rowe - Infamous
    Evil Delsin - Infamous (Delsin Variant)*
    Ashelin - Jak and Daxter
    Baron Praxis - Jak and Daxter
    Jeane d'Arc - Jeane d'Arc
    Robbit - Jumping Flash!
    Lucas Kellan - Killzone 
    Maiya "Echo" Visari - Killzone (Radec Skin)
    Knack - Knack
    Vahn - Legend of Legaia
    Lammy - Parappa the Rapper
    Kutaro - Puppeteer
    Captain Qwark - Ratchet and Clank
    Dr. Nefarious - Ratchet and Clank
    Chimera Hybrid - Resistance
    Joseph Capelli - Resistance (Nathan Hale Skin)
    Nathan Hale - Resistance
    Jaster Rogue - Rogue Galaxy
    Wander - Shadow of the Colossus
    Carmelita Fox - Sly Cooper
    Murray - Sly Cooper
    Sorcerer - Soul Sacrifice
    Sorceress - Soul Sacrifice (Sorcerer Skin)
    Iota - Tearaway
    Atoi - Tearaway (Iota Skin)
    Alundra - The Adventures of Alundra
    Joel and Ellie - The Last of Us
    Dart Feld - The Legend of Dragoon
    Rose - The Legend of Dragoon
    Sir Galahad - The Order 1886
    Tomba - Tomba!
    Doll Face - Twisted Metal
    Chloe Frazer - Uncharted (Nathan Drake Skin)
    Elena Fisher  - Uncharted (Nathan Drake Skin)
    Nadine Ross  - Uncharted (Nathan Drake Skin)
    Samuel Drake  - Uncharted (Nathan Drake Skin)
    Victor Sullivan  - Uncharted (Nathan Drake Skin)
    Leonard - White Knight Chronicles
    Cecilia Adlehyde - Wild Arms
    Jack Van Burace - Wild Arms
    Rudy Roughknight - Wild Arms
    - 3rd Party -
    Crash Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot
    Coco Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot (Crash Skin)
    Dr. Neo Cortex - Crash Bandicoot
    Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy
    Old Snake - Metal Gear
    Abe - Oddworld
    Rayman - Rayman
    Cynder - Spyro the Dragon
    Ripto - Spyro the Dragon
    Spyro - Spyro the Dragon
    Lara Croft - Tomb Raider


    Skins = replace original character's model, animations and voice but keep their moveset

    * = Optional moveset for the original character

  • Bam4evr

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    It's good to see there are people who want Vahn in the game. He'd be a great character and he deserves to be in.

    I don't think there should be that many Uncharted characters, though. Chloe Frazier would be enough and I think she can have a more unique moveset from Drake. I say her moveset should be something more similar to Lara Croft.