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11 Aug 2017 12:29 AM
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PlayStation All-Stars 2 trailer in October

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Literally just posting this cause the forums are so messed up it's a joke. Shame that they switched the formoat.


Has anyone been keeping up with the latest rumor (lol I know so many fake ones). 

  • yeah i'm glad this issue has been getting fixed

    just found this today

  • Please... Please... Please...
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    I remember the first 4chan "leak" mentioned that they were going to renew the trademark but that it was going to be in May and not August. The latest one didn't even mention anything about a trademark at all.

    Still, renewing a trademark doesn't confirm a sequel. If it's going to be announced in October, I'd rather wait and see that first before I'm convinced.
  • I've decided to do some digging myself on Marza Animation (the company who apparently is making the CG trailer). All the stuff they have the rights to say they worked on is on their site, but according to some resume's they have done work on FFXV and The Last Guardian, but don't mention any of that on their site. The leak has said if Sony doesn't release the trailer by October then they do not have the rights to the trailer and Marza Animation is allowed to use that in theri portfolio. I saw one person's resume which said the last thing he worked on was a "Ad for game" before he left the company in March this year. Which is weird, since all of their other stuff is titled except for "Ad for game." 


    Once again, we should all take this with the grain of salt. GameArts has denied that they are involved with this game (why would they confirm it in the first place if they are). Also the current leaker said that they have different ideas for the name of the game. The recent trademark filing could be coincidental or not. The leaker did say that he doubt that it is PS Now related since Sony always has the rights to resell the games they own on PS Now so they wouldn't need to trademark filing to do that. In my personal opinion I think the trademark is very coincidental. 


    But for now, we just wait till October and see if this is true. And if it is, you'll probably never hear me shut up about this game. 

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    I'm curious, where did you read that somebody worked on an "Ad for game"?

    Also, if Sony and Game Arts really are keeping this a secret (like this person said), then there's a good chance that Marza is doing that too. That would explain why it's not in their portforlio.

  •  I just put this here....***ent/d/1icTS_lSHvF0YU8jOy7AKrQOJ9RgdPKq08yc1woje39c/mobilebasic


    Ok, so the link does not seem to work.... I just put all the text in here:

    PlayStation Smash 2: Rumor Mega Thread


    Who is developing?




    What characters are in the demo?


    Kratos, Parappa, Crash, Spyro, Nathan Drake, Ratchet, Aloy, Morgana, Noctis.


    What stages are in the demo?


    PlayStation Arena, Wumpa Island (Crash x Horizon), Mementos (Persona X WipEout), tearaway (Tearaway X Vib Ribbon)


    Do you knock your opponent off the stage? Or does it have some sore of life bars?


    Life bars. Falling off stage will spawn back on stage, but you'll be dizzy for 2 seconds.


    When will the game be revealed? And what will it be titled?


    The game is going to be revealed mid October, with more characters from the demo I've seen revealed at PSX 2017. The game despite being far in development still doesn't have a real name other than it's project name, Project PlaySmash. Some of the names suggested were


    PlayStation Arena

    PlayStation Super Stars Battle

    PlayStation Battle Grounds

    PlayStation's Legends of Fighting


    When is the game scheduled to come out?


    Fall 2018


    What is the expected roster and stage size? Also any talk of any other characters?


    I've been told that Game Arts are working to fit in roughly about 32 characters and 24 stages into the game. The demo is almost complete, with the 9 characters for the demo still being balanced out. There's a possibility that we could also be seeing Lammy, Dante and Klonoa in this game. SEGA has still yet to respond about having one of their IP's being represented in this game, but it would likely be a Yakuza character.





    How long has the game been in development? And is it safe to assume that Kat, Jak, Sly, Knack, and Delsin are all going to be in too?


    The game began development in October 2016, as Sony were getting the feeling with the Switch reveal would come a new Smash Bros game that could be competed against if a PlayStation alternative was released.


    Many of the characters from the first game will likely retrun, except for a few who maybe cut out due to licensing or popularity reasons. Some may return as dlc if the demand is high enough.


    In your opinion, do you think this game looks and plays better than the original? Will this have a longer lifespan than the original too?


    I think this version is much better. The combat seems way more fluid and quick than in the first game, and you're able to pull off some pretty impressive combos.


    The lifespan really depends how long the player base is willing to play for, but GameArts are happy to continue making DLC and balance updates after launch to ensure that the player base stays


    How is the artstyle?


    The art style is actually pretty unified, like sm4sh in a way. Parappa this time actually looks more natural than whatever happened to him in the first game.


    Do the returning characters have the same movesets or are they completely different?


    Also Kratos the Norse or Greek version?



    The movesets are the same for the characters that have returned, with some alterations for Parappa's boom box. (since the game no longer has super meters)


    Greek style for Kratos, though Norse might be an alternate costume.


    Why would it be revealed mid October and not PSX? Seems like a big splash to reveal the game at PSX?


    Is it because the October will just be an announcement and at PSX will have the "gameplay" reveal?


    Most likely that. They did show us a pre rendered movie of Kratos, Aloy, Morgana and Crash duking it out, then cutting to a coming soon screen. That will likely be shown in October.


    Do you know of game modes? Like story, arcade etc. and unlockables? Or is that unknown to you?


    We were told that the game would have an arcade mode like the previous game, that would have small story cutscenes, a rival battle and final boss for each character. Final boss was not shown to us, but was said to be "significant to PlayStation history"



    Do you know if the game will be PS4 Pro enhanced in any way?


    Also I know supers are gone, but is there anything like an "ultimate attack" like the Level 3's in the first game or the Final Smash in Smash bros?


    PS4 Pro seems to upscale the game to a proper 4K. The game already runs at 60fps on all PS4s. The game still has a super meter, but only does what would be level 3. Since this game has life bars, it will be more like special attacks in regular fighting games.


    Morgana's moveset.


    Morgana has his sword as a melee weapon, his slingshot as a long range, can transform into a van similar to Wario's side B motorcycle in smash, and also has his Persona attacks.


    For his special attack, if you're able to catch a character in your distance as you activate it, The Phantom Thieves hold them at gunpoint. The player caught in this attack has to either give up a life and give it to Morgana, or suffer an all out attack from The Phantom Thieves.


    Crash's moveset


    Crash is a mixed bag. He uses classic movies from the original games, but also has combat from Crash of the Titans/Crash Mind Over Mutant. Is standard attacks consist of his Crash of the Titans combat, whilst his specials are classic Crash moves like spinning, ground pound, sliding and fruit bazooka.


    When Crash gets his special attack, he gains the Aku Aku mask. Running into enemies gives them tons of damage and knock back, and Crash is invincible in this state.



    Other than the movesets, can you tell us about the stages, UI (I know it an early build but still) and items? Also just tell us of the little things you noticed that caught your eye


    Since the game is like the first game except now with life bars, the stage layouts are similar in which there are walls at the sides.


    For example, Mementos is a train platofrm area set in Mementos, but has platforms and has two train tracks, with a train passing through as a hazard once in a while. (Replaced with Wipeout tracks when crossover happens)


    The UI is pretty much the same as the first game, only the super bar is smaller and below the health bar which is bigger. When a character has their special, they will have a more aggressive looking portrait with flames around it. Some other Ui stuff include chat boxes from Persona 5 in the Mementos stage when stuff happens, and during Morgana's special attack.


    Are items coming back?


    They did not have items during the demo because they hadn't been fully implemented yet, but yes there will likely be items.


    ill the game have something to do with icons, backgrounds or minions?


    Oh those. The demo did have default icons and backgrounds for each player, but I saw no minions.



    And the match you saw was between Crash, Kratos, Morgana and who? Would like to know the latter's moveset.


    Crash, Kratos, Morgana and Nathan Drake. I've already talked about Crash and Morgana in earlier posts.


    Kratos and Nathan Drake have the same moveset as the first game, but slightly altered to work with the new physics and engine. I couldn't notice what exactly were different, since they were very subtle differences.


    Forget to mention assists. No, there doesn't seem to be any. Right now at least.


    Will they take songs directly from the games or compose remix?

    Because while the Uncharted theme remix was nice, the remixes of the Ape Escape songs sounded lame, since AE has a lot of great soundtrack.


    The music playing in Mementos was an instrumental recreation of Last Surprise, and the Wipeout music was a remix of the one of the tracks from the original. Both remixes done by Atlus according to the developer.


    Safe to say there will be remixes, done by the original studios behind the IPs. (Also doing the remixes for the games that cross over with their game)


    The English or the Japanese VO?


    The build I saw had Japanese VA, both was told that the final international release will have both depending what language your console is set to.


    Who won the match? Was it timed, stock, or kill limit?


    Will the game have those custom options for matches like the last game? And any talk of online features. Like a ranked 1v1 mode, spectator mode, lobbies etc.?


    Those custom options will be in the game, as expected. The winner of the match was Crash, and he performed his victory dance whilst the others clapped in the background. The match was stock with time, and lasted around 4 minutes.


    About this whole Game Arts twitter situation.


    I know it's not like companies to flat out deny working on stuff via social media, but Game Arts and Sony are keeping this well under the rug. I didn't expect that leak from a week ago to spread as far as I thought. I honestly expected one "fake and gay" response and that's that. Someone from management came into our office to investigate, but I deleted my browser history on my phone and was posting before I got home, meaning my IP from the post is most likely at the train station half way from home. (Multiple people including people with me take this route home anyway)


    I swear on my life this game is real. I'm sorry if this sound cheese as ****, but I want you all to be excited since that CG trailer they have for the October reveal doesn't look exciting at all. (Although it could be just that it's an early render of the film)


    Could you clarify the comments on the other thread about Lammy, Dante, Klonoa and a SEGA rep being considered? Is that for launch or DLC. Did the developers mention them or someone asking a question mention those characters?


    Idk it seems weird for a developer to talk about who is in the game beyond the demo roster.


    The game's director, who I will keep anonymous said that those characters are examples of characters they would like to include, but still need permission to do so. They were mentioned when I asked about what other characters they had the idea of including in the game.


    In your opinion why would Sony reveal this in October. They haven't revealed a big Sony game this generation that wasn't at an event.


    If the game isn't revealed at October, you think it's possible that it would be postponed to PSX?


    Sony want to build up mystery of what the gameplay is going to be like, and what the roster is going to be like in October. In December (PSX) they will show the gameplay trailer that shows a handful of characters.


    Any demo or beta soon?


    CG trailer in October, gameplay and playable demo on the [PSX] show floor. Not sure about an open beta unfortunately. Haven't heard anything about it.


    So from the demo you saw, does the game have level 1, 2, and 3 supers like the last game. Or does every character just have one ultimate attack? And did you see Drake's and Kratos' ultimate attack or only Morgana's and Crash's?


    The demo I was shown had characters only have one super move. I only saw Crash's and Morgana's used in the match, not Kratos or Nathan Drake's unfortunately. Crash has him use the Aku Aku mask to be invisible and deal lots of damage. Morgana's has The Phantom Thieves hold whoever the super move is used on at gun point, and would either be robbed of a life or will suffer and all out attack.


    The last thread you mentioned that in Morgana's ultimate attack the person gets a choice whether to give up a life or suffer a devastating attack? Why is that a choice? Wouldn't anyone just pick the latter?


    If they choose to take a life, the victim gets a death counted but Morgana does not gain anything. Morgana does gain a kill if he KOs them with his super move.



    Is the game director a prolific guy? Like someone hardcore gamers know? Or is it an unknown? Also is the artstyle better?


    The director is someone that not everyone is too familiar with, but has been involved with fighting games in the past.


    The game has a much better art style than the first game. The visuals look a lot like Sm4sh, although lighting and cel shaded characters like Morgana look better than lighting and Toon Link in Sm4sh. The game looks a lot faster than the first game as well, a lot more fluid movement from the characters.


    Does Morgana look like he was ripped out of Persona 5 and look unified with the other characters? And I presume Crash has the same model he does in the N Sane Trilogy.


    Morgana's model I can't really tell if it's ripped or not, but it surprisingly looks pretty unified alongside non cartoony characters somehow. Also yes, Crash resembles the N Sane Trilogy design.



    Curious to know how the Persona stage plays out? What happens in the background, anything interacting with the players? When does the WipEout transition start and how does it affect the stage and players?


    I talked about Mementos in the last week thread, but here is how it is.


    The stage has two train platforms with two train tracks, along with some platforms above them. Trains come by every so often and can deal a bit of damage. The stage has its own UI elements, being The Phantom Thieves talking about the battle that is underway. The dialogue will be varied depending if Morgana is in the battle, who is going up against who, the stage transitioning to WipeOut, etc.


    The transition is similar to the Heavenly Sword stage from the first game, where a WipeOut track is being built and every so often the vehicles come speeding by. The WipeOut tracks take over the train tracks, and touching the tracks will cause you to be stunned.


    Did they mention anything about online play, and anything on more modes and unlockables?


    Online play will have all the modes of the previous games, along with some sort of clan mode. Unlockables are going to probably be the same as the first game, except no mascots this time. Don't know anything else about online or unlockables.


    So you saw no character select screen or stage select screen? Was it a live demo or pre-recorded.


    It was a pre recorded replay running in engine, which also gives me the impression there will be a replay saving function in the final game. It was weird they didn't let us actually play.






    The game started development in October 2016 right> Does that mean they first started working on the code in October? If so then damn they must have worked their asses off if they got something ready for a presentation.


    Did Game Arts talk about why they were chosen for this project? I assume they are because they have experience with Brawl and TMNT Smash Up.


    GameArts did mention their work on TMNT Smash Up, but didn't mention Brawl. The code did begin in 2016, but they have source code from the first game given to them by Sony meaning porting over previous characters and adding new stuff was much easier.


    It does make sense that Game Arts is working on this since they haven't released anything since 2015. But their team is 30 people. Seems like a bit small considering the scale of this project.


    I think Game Arts may also have people from other studios helping out as well. Sony may be sending over people to help out, because I can't imagine either them working on a sequel to a fighting game with more characters than the original. A lot of involvement with modelling and animating characters, along with stage models, music and VAs would have to be helped with by the studios that the respective characters are from.


    From the gameplay demo you saw, who would you personally main?


    Also you mentioned that Crash won the match and did his signature dance with the other characters clapping in the background. Were they in another area like what happens in Smash or where they still on the Persona Stage?


    From the gameplay I saw, Crash looks like the most fun to play as. As for the results screen, it was on the stage itself.


    What happens in the CG trailer? Since you talked about so much already, just give us all the detail about this trailer.


    >the trailer shows Kratos walking through a forest.

    >he looks around after hearing leaves and bushes make noise

    >suddenly, Morgana ambushes him but he avoids the impact

    >"You seem like you have some treasure of some sort! Hand it over or I go all out! Nyah!"

    >"Over my dead body you will!"

    >Kratos begins to strike Morgana with his chains, but Morgana cancels the third strike with his Persona, Zorro

    >Morgana uses Garula on Kratos and begins to charge at him when he's dizzy

    >suddenly, Morgana is hit in the face with a fruit bazooka and Crash runs into the scene

    >Kratos gets up to use his chains against Crash, but Crash uses a spin to cancel the, and slide tackles Morgana whilst doing so

    >an speeding arrow barely misses Crash and hits a tree


    >"I shall put an end to this"

    >Aloy jumps down from a tree and aims her bow and arrow at Morgana, who dodges and fires his sling shot at her

    >meanwhile Kratos is fighting Crash in the background

    >the shot zooms out, as silhouettes appear in the background behind trees with beaming eyes

    >cuts to black



    That's all the CG trailer is.


    Everyone saw a separate match that was pre-recorded right? How was that, did they replay things for you when you asked or was it a nonstop video with no pauses.


    The demos were ones that were running in engine, which could mean that they're either replays recorded in engine or AI matches.


    So what, do we just have to wait till October for more info? Cause you seem intent that you don't know anything more.


    I'm mainly answering questions that are small, or just repeating myself to those who went straight to answering before reading info.


    Who came first, second, third, and fourth place?


    How were Drake and Kratos in the match? Did all their moves come back from the original?


    First was Crash, Second was Kratos, Third was Morgana and Fourth was Drake.


    You said the physics for the veterans returning moves are changed to fit the new gameplay. You said Parappa's boombox is changed to accommodate that, but you didn't see Parappa in the gameplay?


    Tell us more about the results screen?


    How is the character select screen and the stage select screen look like?


    Parappa's boombox was changed so instead of giving off what was points to build super, it now causes minor damage to opponents caught in it every time it blasts a beat of music. Results screen had characters clapping in the background, and was in the stage they were fighting in. Character select has bigger icons for selecting characters, and has more room for slots than the last game.


    Do the CG models look good?


    So after that CG trailer they told you the gameplay trailer will be shown at PSX?


    Was Kratos voiced by TC Carson or the new Kratos from the new God of War?


    The models looked pretty good. I don't know who animated it, but Kratos and Aloy looked pretty faithful to their games, Crash looked like he does in the N Sane Trilogy but better fur, and there was some fur on Morgana and material seen on his clothing and equipment.


    TC Carson voiced Kratos.


    How did the menu's look? Like the characters select screen and stage select screen looking better?



    The menus feel a lot more stylised than the first game. Less boxes except for the character select icons and portrait boxes. Also gone is the basic photoshop design for the UI.


    You think this game has a good chance of getting leaked in someway or another? Like big sites usually just dismiss 4chan rumors, but Sony doesn't really have a good track record of keeping secrets.


    Also did they give more of a specific date or just October? Like one day everyone will just wake up to a trailer for a new PS4 exclusive?


    The only way this could be leaked is if someone finds a file for a copyright, or something regarding the game on Sony's servers. Knowing Sony, it'll likely happen. No specific date other than October, but Sony will probably tease the video a few hours before.


    Didn't Game Arts tweet recently they aren't working on the game?


    Like I know they haven't released anything since 2015 according to wikipedia, but it's unusual for developers to just out right say they aren't working on something.


    GameArts is working on the game, but they have been told to deny anything in case of an information break out. Sony will only investigate if this leak spreads throughout various websites, but I haven't seen any major site, nor youtuber cover this info.


    Will there be any friendships or characters having positive interactions


    That I am uncertain of, but we will have to find out when the developers reveal more. They did tell me and other people that there is an arcade mode like the first game, so I'm hoping that in that arcade mode you also team up with someone for at least one match with interactions before hand.


    Anything about a story mode? Also did the forest look recognizable from another video game or is it just a generic forest?


    Also out of the 4 "potential" names for the game you listed, which one is your favorite?



    No info on a story mode yet.


    I like the name PlayStation Arena, because it sounds less dumb to say.







    When characters do combos, do they do less damage as the combo goes on like in other fighting games? Or do the AP bursts return?


    When characters die in the match, do they explode with the PlayStation face buttons effect like in the original?


    How are Drake and Kratos in this game? All the moves the same or are their new moves and new supers?


    Yeah, combos do get weaker over time. When characters die, the screen will freeze for a millisecond with a bang noise and the character will fall down and fade into PlayStation button icons.


    Kratos and Drake still have their original move set.


    Did they talk about how they acquired Crash and Spyro this time?


    Also if Spyro is going to be in the PSX demo, does that mean that the Spyro collection will get announced at PSX in your opinion? Or is it highly likely now?


    Any word on alternate costumes?


    Has GameArts said how they will be taking fan requests this time around?



    They didn't say how they acquired the rights to Crash and Spyro, but it's likely that with other companies that Activision agreed to let them use the characters, though not sure why they didn't the first time.


    Spyro is going to be teased at PSX most likely, but as for alternate costumes they said they will be in the game and like last game there will be variants of outfits with 4 colour pallets each.


    GameArts will listen to what characters the fans want to see return, and will have time to add them in as free DLC after launch. As for new characters, they're still working on a voting system of some sort.



    Ok why the hell would they announce this in October and not save it for PSX? This just doesn't make sense. Sony this generation hasn't revealed a big game that wasn't at an event. So why the hell would they do it now?


    Some companies have a certain time that they can release videos created by animation studios, and if they do not release them by a certain date then the studio owns full right of the videos. Sony's rights to the teaser likely expires in October and can't do anything about it.








    Does the game not look like **** like the original?


    Does Parappa look normal this time? And do Drake and Kratos have better models in this one.



    Parappa doesn't look like **** this time. He looks like the Parappa seen in the originals, but with higher quality textures and more animated face. Nathan Drake and Kratos look better too. This is because outside studios are working on models, and assets are being shared from studios like Naughty Dog, Persona Studio, Vicarious Visions, etc.


    Are the models going to look "animated" or cartoonish, like they were cel-shaded?


    They weren't cel shaded or cartoonish at all. They looked like they were straight out of their game and adjusted perfectly to the stage's lighting and textures.


    The movesets are already known about Crash and Morgana, but what did you think of them personally? Did they look like characters you'd like to play. Was Morgana more of a combo character than Crash?


    Both characters looked like they had nice movesets. Didn't see Morgana pull off anything in terms of good combos, but Crash did do something cool against Kratos.


    >slide kick

    >followed by up punch

    >followed by spin

    >shoot Kratos in air with fruit bazooka

    >spin in air

    >finally followed by body slam


    Did you see any gameplay of Parappa, Aloy and Noctis?


    I didn't see gameplay of them. I only saw gameplay of Kratos, Nathan Drake, Morgana and Crash. Parappa and other characters from the first game all retain their original moves from the first game, that's all I know about Parappa's moves other than they mentioned a slight change to how his boom box works.


    Did they say how many companies are helping them with assets? You mentioned other developers provided character models and did the stage remixes, anything else or is that the extent of it?


    Every studio who has their character(s) involved have provided assets for them to use or reference along with creative input on movesets and potential story stuff and original music. They did not mention what company was helping with modelling and animations.


    Did you like the Persona stage a lot?


    The Persona stage looked like a lot of fun. The Phantom Thieves interacted with what was going on via speech boxes like in Persona 5. They also speak with Morgana if he's on stage.




    Considering the original game was divisive due to character roster, gameplay etc. Do you think this game will be much better received?


    Most certainly. I feel that not only does the combat look better, but the selection of characters is more appealing. I was very put off at first when I saw Big Daddy revealed for the first game, but I feel many people won't be disappointed when the first couple characters are revealed at PSX.


    Any glimpses on how PlayStation Arena and the Tearaway stage looks like? Even if you just saw a still image?


    I did get an idea of the stage layouts for PlayStation Arena and Tearaway in the presentation they held. PlayStation Arena is basically Battlefield with walls, but in a PlayStation branded arena. Tearaway has a similar layout to the LBP stage from the first game, although smaller and less platforms. They did mention that the stage unfolds platforms as the match progresses.


    How long did it take for Crash and Morgana to uild up their super meter?


    For Morgana's super, does it only affect one character or all 3? And how does the super start up?


    The super meters took a bit of time for characters to build up, since there isn't 3 different levels. Crash built his up faster than others since he was able to pull off some combos during the match, meanwhile Morgana took some time since he was getting cornered by Kratos and Crash at points.


    Oh forgot to mention that Morgana's Super only catches those in range. The super starts automatically, unlike the first game where characters had animations as they unleashed their level 3 supers.


    Also one thing to mention that the game is getting it's own theme song rather than using an existing song. The character select screen did not have music, so it might not be complete yet. I personally can't wait to hear it.


    Do the original voice actors return? Like TC Carson for Kratos, Nolan North for Drake and Dredd Fox for Parappa?


    Kratos and Drake still have their voice actors. I asked about Dredd Fox if he would still be voicing Parappa after the whole incident online, and then they said yes.


    I thought you said that you thought Drake and Parappa sounded "off" from what you've seen.


    Speaking of voice, do the characters speak to eachother during the fight? If so do you remember any lines? Are taunts back?


    Drake was the same voice actor, but he just sounded a little different than I remember. Parappa's line I did not hear.


    No interactions in fight, other than the Phantom Thieves in the Persona stage.




    Is that the whole "Parappa the scammer" thing that happened? Also how does the PlayStation arena stage look. Same blue hexagons pillars like in the original game or something completely new?


    Yup, the Parappa scam incident.


    PlayStation Arena looks like an arena with an audience, with a stage in the middle of it all. The stage, borders and screen are all PlayStation branded. (Blue with white PlayStation icon) Looks like the kind of stage that a story mode would take place in.


    I thought GameArts tweeted like 4 times that they aren't developing the game.


    Plus why would Sony keep this as big as a secret as they are. It seems kinda excessive for a mascot fighting game.


    I already mentioned why GameArts denied production on the game.


    Sony are making this big, because they want this to be big. The Switch has taken a lot of market share now, especially in Japan. Sony needed a game to fight off a potential Switch Smash Bros to keep their playerbase focused on PlayStation.


    Are there custom options for matches? Like kill limit, stock, time matches etc.


    When the developers were speaking, did they give off a vibe that they won't **** this up like what happened to the original? Like is the game director someone hardcore fighting game fans know?


    Of course there are custom options for matches like the first game.


    The director is someone who has worked with some well known fighting games before hand, but I will keep anonymous. Him and the developers at Game Arts seemed very determined to have this be a stand out fighting game, one that will succeed where the original failed. Some of the team members also have had experience with Super Smash Bros Brawl and TMNT Smash Up.


    Do character's health bars deplete quickly? Like how much damage does it take to KO someone? Does the person who get the last him get the point?


    Also any info on items and assists (like the assist trophy in brawl)?


    The character life bars do not deplete fast, but nor slow. Every character takes around 150 hits until they lose a stock or gain a death. Person who does final blow gets the kill.


    The demo I was shown did not have any assist character or items. I would wait until PSX to see what items there are.







    I don't understand. Sony has no business reason to make this game since the first failed.


    The first game did not fail like games that have actually failed. The game managed to sell decently, and since then Sony have managed to work out what went wrong.


    Sony finally decided it was time to put together a far superior Smash clone after the info getting out about the Switch/NX release and what could possibly come from it. GameArts were given the opportunity and have studied where the first game went wrong.


    >Not enough recognisable or relevant characters

    >Not enough Japanese support

    >Supers required to kill

    >Ugly models

    >Inconsistent styles


    From what I've seen from the small demo shown, this is going to be FAR better than the original. Also has more recognisable characters, meaning more likely to sell more.



    Do grabs do damage now, or do they still take away super meter


    Yeah grabs do a bit of damage.


    Are you sure they took note on what went wrong with the first game? Sony acts like the original game never existed.


    Wouldn't it make more sense that they would just start fresh without looking at the first game.


    Also about returning characters, have they said the ones who don't return at launch could be free DLC, or paid DLC?


    I agree it would be better to start fresh for a sequel. Sony I feel would acknowledge the sequel more if it manages to make back majority of it's profit, and score well with reviews.


    Characters from the first game who don't return at launch will be brought back as free DLC if demand for said character is high enough.


    What were the grab animations like?


    The grab works similarly to the last game where you use the right analog to grab in a certain direction. The animations for the grab are as you would expect from the last game.


    For example, I remember Crash performing a slam on Kratos as his down throw. I also remember Morgana throwing Crash in the air and then shooting him with his slingshot as his up throw. Pretty creative stuff.




    Are there any concerns you have with the game so far?


    At the moment not really. I'm pretty positive about it so far. It really depends what could happen down the line as more stuff is revealed. What could have been other great characters like Lammy, Klonoa, potential SEGA character, etc could instead be filler characters from unimportant games.


    I would hang myself if for example they put in a Gearbox character, A 2K character, A Skylander or another case of Evil Cole.


    Why did Sony choose GameArts as the developer of the game? I thought they would just do what nintendo did for sm4sh and let Namco develop it.


    GameArts were approached as were many other studios. Namco had too much on their hands, CapCom were fully booked with work on a different IP, so they approached a studio with history of Smash Bros.


    You asked about Evil Cole right? I assume he isn't returning.


    When you mention Klonoa and Lammy, are they characters you want or characters the developers want?


    They were examples given by the developers, but they also happen to be characters I also want to see as well. This doesn't confirm they're in the game though.


    How better will the marketing for this game be? Has Sony detailed anything on that? The last game was marketed like **** with the game being rushed and poorly produced. Why should we have confidence that they won't **** it up this time.


    Sony said during the presentation that they plan to promote this game through e sports, though personally I wish them luck on that. They also mention basic **** like YouTube and Twitter advertising, posters in major cities, one of those public stunt adverts which they have not detailed anything about, touring the game along with other PS4 games around the country, etc.


    We know that characters will return, but how about stages? Have they've given any hints on future stages?


    They didn't talk too much about stages other than what they have planned for layouts and hazards, etc. I would imagine them releasing stages as DLC in the future, along with bringing some stages back.


    Does Parappa not look "off"? Is he still 2D like Game and Watch?


    Do you think trying to promote it as an e-sport is a bad idea? Or should they let the community decide how the game goes competitively?


    Parappa looks way more 2D than the mess that was his model in the first game. It's like the ripped him out of Parappa on PS1, made the textures HD, and made his face have more animated movement. Parappa looks pretty great this time round.


    As for this game as an e sport, I think it's better to let the FGC decide on that. It would suck for Sony to try and push a tournament super hard at an event like Evo, only for nobody to give a ****.

    Is the score system 2 points for kill and -1 per death? Or was the scoring different in your match?


    The scoring system was like the first game. It counts how many kill you deaths you have. If someone has more kills and less deaths than everyone, they are the ones who would win the match. If someone got more kills but more deaths and someone got less kills but less deaths, it would end up with overtime.


    PaRappa is paper flat like in his original games in PSASBR 2 now? how come? the reason he was given a slight redesign/more thickness was because the team back then couldn't implement PaRappa as paper being paper flat, how come he's able to be paper thin flat now?


    The team at GameArts managed to get way of handling animation on a 2D plane in a 3D space, and used that discovery make Parappa and potentially Lammy look more 2D and good at the same time. It's really impressive looking stuff.


    In the CG trailer, the eyes that show up in the end are they character silhouettes of other characters or just generic silhouettes.


    Let's say the trailer doesn't appear in October, do you think that they postponed it for PSX? Will you come back here in October and tell us to still believe you?


    The silhouettes look generic, but I think they're supposed to be like that so people will start to anti****te what characters will there be or who will these four be fighting?


    If there is no video in October, I will check /v/ again to see what is happening. If everyone forgot then I will leave this behind me until PSX. If everyone is calm about it possibly being delayed, I will still stick around and chat. If everyone is ****** at me, I think I will just screencap the rage. Lol


    Do you really swear on your life that this game is real? Multiple people have said that this game is happening for the past 4 years but they always turned out to be lying. The psas community really wants one of these rumors to be true man. We've been burned too many times.


    I swear on my life that this game exists. The only way this couldn't possibly come to life is if the game actually gets cancelled in production. It would blow if somehow this game got cancelled before announcement, but the progress and the partnerships don't seem likely for cancellation.


    Do you think the cut DLC from PSASBR 1 such as Dart Feld (The Legend Of Dragoon), Abe (OddWorld), and the Hekseville/Gravity Rush X Journey stage will appear here in PSASBR 2?


    They have a possibility since they're part of PlayStation history, but keep in mind that Sony also wants GameArts to add basically adverti*****t characters as well. They plan on having a ballot system in the game as well, so if the community is vocal enough they could make it in.


    Anyway that it could legitimately leak from now-October/PSX? Or is Sony really trying to keep it as big of a secret as they are. Kinda seems excessive coming from them.


    Games could get leaked at any time. Sony are good at keeping things undercover most of the time, but other things like info on PS4 Pro leaking and someone with their hands on a PS4 slim before announcement are recent examples of Sony stuff being leaked.

    Do you see this game getting delayed from Fall 2018?


    How did the kills happen if you remember?


    By that do you mean how do the death animations go? If so, characters will collapse on the ground or fall if they're in air and they will vanish into PlayStation icon particles.


    If I tell you it's fake, will the reveal trailer in October become more of a surprise to you and other people? I'd recommend believing this is fake, but I know this is real as I saw everything with my own eyes. I want you all to think this is fake now so you guys can live your lives pondering if I'm telling the truth. I know that the PSAS community have been dying for sequel. I know you're all tired of these rumours and leaks that might not even by true. I fully understand that, as I a, a fan of the game as well. I'm just really just excited, that's all.


    I'm risking my job to tell you all about this game. I really have high hopes for this game. I want you all to be just as excited as I am. Even then I still know that you're tired of fake news and would rather not hear how Morgana is in the game and how the Crash stage crosses over with HZD.


    For those who believe in me, thank you. Thank you for giving me your trust. Those who do not trust me, I fully support your decision. It's right of you to choose not to believe what you read on /v/.


    Do the characters talk during the match? Like not talk to eachother, but when someone gets a kill do they say something? In the last game characters had voice lines during the match. And are they clearer this time? The last game sometimes the audio for the voice lines wasn't great or loud enough.


    Yup, those lines are there still. This time though, characters don't speak over each other and volume mixing is much better in this game.


    Damn. Since we squeezed like almost any detail out of you? Is there anything else you remember that you think you haven't said? Anything that people may have missed from the previous threads?


    There really isn't that much left to say. In the span on four threads, I've been pumping out as much info as I can. If someone can scan through every post of the last threads and this one, and can compile it into an image or pastebin file, that would be helpful for many others.


    Did the CG trailer have the look of the intro cinematic of the first game?


    If they have to release the trailer since the rights expire, when do you think it was made? And which studio made it?


    The CG trailer looked way more cinematic than the previous game. Better animation, models, lighting, etc. I recall being told it was done by Marza Animaton. Looking them up shows they did CG for Sonic and Miku, along with some other stuff. The animation would have had to be made from March and finished by September.





    Have they said they are going be multiple characters from some franchises? Like Ratchet and Dr.Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank for example? Or just one character per franchise.


    I think they will be able to do multiple per series. The last game's problem was time constraints and having to add in as many IPs as possible thanks to Sony.


    How much content will there be at launch other than characters and stages? Anything about modes, costumes, customization intros and outros etc.


    There's going to be way of customising your profile, like background designs for your card, an icon and a title to go with it. There will be different outfits variations like the first game, but I have not been shown them at all.


    You described Morgana's moveset in the past but could you give us a little more detail? How much damage does he deal? Is he quick and nimble?


    Morgana is a fairly quick character, though not the fastest one planned according to the developers. (Hopefully Sonic isn't in this game) His melee weapon does pretty average damage, long ranged attack does more damage if the hitbox hits at the perfect spot, his Persona attacks do a good deal of damage, his grab does average throw damage and all out attack in his super move does a great deal of damage.


    Does the Battle Theme in Persona sound cool in the Mementos stage?


    The instrumental remix of Last Surprise sound pretty great, and it transitions to WipeOut music pretty seemlessly.


    In the match you saw, who deals the most damage? Do characters have the same amout of health or different (Like Kratos may have 100HP but Crash has 110 HP)?


    Anything else on Crash's moveset? Is he also a quick character, how does his Crash of the Titans combat look compared to his moves from the classic trilogy?


    Characters in the demo all had the same amount of HP it seems. The moves between all the characters seemed to be very balanced as well, with each kind of variation of attacks doing roughly about the same amount of damage per character with a few variations of damage numbers here and there.


    Crash's move from Crash of the Titans have been made to fit the original Crash design in terms of animation and style. Things like kicking and punching looks way less silly than it did in that game.


    Does everyone have same/similar running speeds as in the first game? and do you think Knack will be a playable character? I heard that implementing his game style will be.... hard to do


    Characters all had roughly about the same speed, with some variations like Kratos being a tiny bit slower and Morgana being a tiny bit faster, whilst Crash was just about avaerage.


    I don't know about Knack being in the game. He might cause fps drops like he does in his own game. Lol

    Any music in the menu's at all? Also do you know anything about the controls? Same controls as the last game presumably?


    There was no music yet. Menu music and the game's theme was still being made apparently. Also yeah same control scheme as the last game


    Do you think characters like Delsin and the Bloodborne Hunter are likely?


    Bloodborne is pretty popular, so I'd imagine so. If not, people would likely vote for them in a possible ballot.


    You said they are aiming for a summer/autumn release date. You think they will hit the mark or get delayed to early 2019?


    I wouldn't be too surprised if the game gets delayed to Holiday 2018, and would be a wise time with all the Christmas shopping. Right now, the game looks like it could outsell Sm4sh Wii U. I only say that though mainly because PS4 has a larger user base, but it's still great looking regardless.


    If it were delayed further however, I would be a tad bit concerned.


    Do you think people are going to get turned off that it's not a percentage system like in smash? Some people think that they should have just copied smash all the way?


    Have they said they are balancing the game for 1v1 or FFA? Also can there be tag battles like in the last game?


    I'll answer this one then. Some people maybe put off there not being a percentage system, but I personally don't mind when clone games try something different.


    Also yes, they are working on balancing everything wrong with the previous game.


    Does this [image of PlayStation All-Stars trademark being renewed] help verify your leak?


    I do think so. Sony doesn't always renew trademarks like this. Usually they always have the rights to resell older games via PS Now, etc. They wouldn't need to file a renewed trademark for those, so I doubt it's a PS Now related thing.


    Could be that Sony reps have chosen to make this be PlayStation AllStars Battle Royals 2, if they're going to renew Battle Royale's trademark.


    I do want to ask if the Tearaway stage has a name or is it literally just called Tearaway? Since all the other stages had names.


    t was just called Tearaway, though it could just be an early name for the stage. I haven't played Tearaway in a long while, so I can't remember the name of the world. I would imagine the final game having it renamed to what the world is called in the game.



    I know you already described the trailer, but could you go into more specifics? What weapons were Kratos, Aloy, Morgana and Crash using throughout the whole time. Were they the English or Japanese VA? Did it look finished or unpolished?:


    The animation was finished and the lighting in the scene was built, but there were no sound effects but there was music. There were voices, and as for Morgana he had his Japanese VA in the early teaser. The voices were louder than the music, mainly for lip syncing reasons.


    But it says that it is an Automatic renewal? Doesn't that imply that the trademark just renews every couple years to make sure they don't lose it?


    Also you sure it will have the "All-Stars Battle Royale" name? Cause to me that's a terrible title and I thought you mentioned other names they had planned.


    That could be true, but I'm not too smart about copyright stuff. Sorry if I sound a bit daft, but wouldn't feel as though Sony would continue renewing it if there wasn't going to be another game.


    With the name of the game, those suggested names were just suggestions. Sony could step in at any time and tell them what to make the game's name.



    As someone from the PSAS community this news has brought up a lot of excitement and skepticism of course. People want to believe but have been burned way too many times.


    Do you promise us that this is real? Do you swear?


    Also if fake or not thanks for giving us excitement again about another Sony crossover game.


    Last thread I had a pretty lengthy paragraph about this kind of situation. Whilst it is exciting what I saw at the presentation and being able to share it with you, I want you to all take what I say with a grain of salt. I don't want everyone to feel like they've been betrayed if nothing happens in October or at PSX. I want everyone to be excited, but I want them not to be sad if all goes wrong. I do promise what I saw that day is real, as I saw it with my own eyes. I just want everyone to not ponder in their own excitement until October hits.


    I thank everyone for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. It makes me happy that people don't automatically pass off what I say, like that time I shared info about the expansion to The Last Of Us only for my thread to be deleted by admins.


    Thank you everyone, and I will continue to come here every so often to talk.









    Why wouldn't Kratos be the new one instead of the old one? Didn't you say that Sony wants to put in some adverti*****t characters/stages in this one? Wouldn't it make more sense to put Viking Kratos instead of Greek Kratos?


    The new Kratos is going to be an alternate skin. GameArts want players of the first game to be familiar with their veteran characters from the get go, which is why Kratos is same as is.


    ou say the game is faster than the original, but how much faster? Like sm4sh levels?


    Is Kojima actually involved with this game? Cause if we get a Death Stranding character that'd be so lame since we know jack **** about the game at all and it's probably coming out in like 2020.


    As for speed, Sm4sh speeds I would say. Kojima was mentioned to have some sort of involvement, which could potentially mean we might have a Death Stranding character, or a stage or stage crossover for Death Stranding.



    Was Marza chosen to animate the trailer because the game director knew their work from the Virtua Fighter games?


    Did the game director work on all 5 mainline virtua fighter games or just the 1st 4?


    He worked on 1 first and finished on 5. Marza was chosen because of their high quality animations, and they were suggested to Sony by Altus who have connection with SEGA.



    Is it true that trailers created by other companies have the rights to them if the publisher doesn't use it soon enough?



    Any truth to the rumor that Konami wants no involvement because Kojima teamed up with Sony after he left Konami?


    It hasn't been confirmed if Konami wants nothing to do with it if Kojima is involved, but I wouldn't imagine so. I would think Kojima wouldn't want to be involved if Konami is too either. Don't expect Raiden to return.


    What was your favorite and least favorite thing from the demo?


    I don't think I have anything that was an absolute favourite or anything I didn't like much in particular. It was a very well put together demo that had a lot going for it. I could perhaps complain maybe on the choice of Noctis. Whilst he does fit the game, it just seems like he's there to advertise FFXV. I guess that's what happens when Cloud goes for Smash Bros.






    What has the game director worked on other than Virtua Fighter?


    I'm not sure what else he has worked on. He did wish to stay anonymous until the game's announcement, so I will be able to give more info on what else he has been involved with when the director comes out to greet himself as director of the game.


    Does Drake have the same clothes as his original model in PSAS or does he have different clothes?


    Drake has his classic clothes, like the default ones in the first game. I assume he will have his Uncharted 4 appearance as well, along with his Uncharted 3 appearance and others.


    Will PSAS fans be alienated that the super system is gone? Or is it necessary that they switch it to life bars, to appeal to more people?


    I think the life bar system was needed in order to appeal to more people. It doesn't seem as though it will be weird to get used to, though maybe at first you might not realise you're actually taking damage and then all of a sudden you lose a stock.


    Please tell me that the UI doesn't look like it was made on Microsoft Paint.


    The UI looks much cooler and unique than the first game.


    The CG trailer, will it be hype? Or will people just be hype that a sequel is happening.


    Before I thought the trailer wouldn't be that hype, but then logically thinking a trailer which shows Morgana fighting Kratos asking him to give up any treasure he has would probably sell a lot of people onto the game.


    The animation and rendering seen in the CG teaser is pretty stunning. Looks up previous works of Marza Animation, and you will see what I mean.


    Any cool combo's you saw?


    Are AP bursts back? (They were combo enders in the first game)


    Any crossplay on Vita or no?


    Crash had a pretty cool combo from what I remember. Discussed it in a previous thread, but it has Crash starting with his brawling moves from Crash of the Titans, then using some classic moves like the slide, his fruit bazooka and his body slam against Kratos.


    Ap bursts do seem to be back from what I remember, though I don't know if they're as effective as the first game.


    There is no vita version of the game. It does however have the same control layout as the first game on Vita if you're using remote play from PS4.



    Do combos scale down the longer they go?


    Do you remember the score totals of the match?


    How long does Aku Aku last?


    Yes, combos do scale down.


    I've posted it before, but


    1st: Crash

    2nd: Kratos

    3rd: Morgana

    4th: Nathan Drake


    Aku Aku lasts roughly over ten seconds.


    Have they talked about how they are going to do character announcements after PSX?


    They're going to reveal all the characters they have ready by November build at PSX, so expect roughly 12-13 characters. These include the ones I shared with you all. Characters will be announced over time slowly. Then at E3 they will reveal a group of characters. Then before launch they will have one or two more announced, and then it's DLC announcements after that.


    Any word on a demo or beta?


    Development seems to be going very fast since you said it started in October 2016. Isn't that kind of too fast?


    They have no news on any open beta. The only demo they have right now for public is at events.


    They were given source code from the first game, as Sony owns that now along with other Superbot assets. Working around the source code, along with free lance workers and out sourcing companies, and funding from Sony has really been helping out GameArts to make a significant amount of progress in the past 8 months.



















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    One thing I'm kind of confused about is that he said that after the characters lose, they clap in the background of the stage they were fighting on. But if this is game suppose to be on a 2D plane, then how can they can be in "background" of the stage? I don't get that. The only way that can happen is if all the stages had a wide platform.

    Also, I think there's one thing many people may have overlooked and that he never said that it was going to be revealed during Paris Games Week. He just simply said "mid October" and of course, Paris Games Week was on the 30th, which is more like late October. So...maybe Sony lost the rights to use the trailer before Paris Games Week? Ahh...I don't know. Let's just wait til' PSX!

  • Bam4evr

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    Even though I still think a 3D style game would be better for this game, I'd still play it if it was still a 2D style game. I like both styles.
  • Not yet so far. I am hoping that Sony would at least attempt to make Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS4. Nintendo has announced Super Smash Bros for the Switch and it seems that Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3 is becoming less competitive with the Switch itself.
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    Honestly, I'm now getting extremely angry with Sony for at least not telling us the status of the series. Is that too hard for them to do? It also still angers me how people everywhere has stated how much they want a sequel to PSASRB and yet, they make a sequel to Knack instead. That was just borederline trolling. It feels like I'm just flat out abandoned by Sony.

  • In all fairness, they did tell us exactly the status of the series (it just wasn't what we wanted to hear). Shuhei Yoshida said that the game did not sell well enough to justify making a sequel or more DLC, and I doubt that that has changed in the years since then. Sony let SuperBot go (and I haven't heard anything from them since), so we don't even know of a studio that could possibly be working on the sequel.


    As much as we may want a sequel to PSASBR or see the potential in the franchise, the numbers didn't agree with us. Personally, I think that things might have been different if the game had released on the PS4 instead (keep in mind that the XBox 360 was mostly on top last generation, so companies weren't keen on playing nice with SuperBot and fan support was lower) or if Sony was as friendly with Activision as they are now. We may never know, though, because it currently looks like Sony doesn't have much interest in trying that out again.


    Knack getting a sequel is completely unrelated, by the way. Different people work on different games, and Mark Cerny (a prominent PlayStation employee) seemed to really enjoy designing Knack. I'm sure that the sequel was greenlit largely because of him (much like how many Nintendo directors get large say on what games get made). The development of Knack II, if anything, might improve the odds of a PSAS spiritual successor by giving Sony another kid-friendly franchise with some more games.

  • Bam4evr

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    Yoshida said that years ago. I'm talking about recently. When he said he was open to the idea of a successor, then that makes it seem like there's still hope for fans who want it and now after all these years of waiting, I think it's about time we fans get some sort of update or something. The support is still there and there's no excuse for Sony to not make any kind of response to it.


    As for Knack, the point I'm making is that fans actually wanted a sequel to PSASBR. I didn't hear that same thing about Knack. Despite its own low numbers, Sony still had no problems for a sequel to that game but for some reason, they don't seem interested in a game that could be a much bigger success? Sorry but that doesn't make any sense. I'm pretty sure that no matter what, Sony want successful games and the possibility of a PSASBR sequel/successor being a success is much greater than Knack II's.


    Also, I wouldn't say PSASBR is a "kid-friendly" game. It may be inspired by Smash Bros. but it doesn't have the same restrictions that makes Smash Bros. kid-friendly.

  • something tells me, that it will be announced and released  just a year before the PS5 launch


    Playstation All Stars   released  in   November 2012, a full  year  just before the PS4 launched in November  2013, so they might do the same thing with the sequel on PS4. 

  • Bam4evr

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    Or maybe after all of these remakes come out?

    I just hope they recognize the support for a sequel.