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01 Jan 2019 02:54 AM
By: fostermacation

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2019 hopes with this forum

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Assign me, dead, stab and maybe 2-3 others to run this forum! Give us the power to make game thread sub sections and to remove the ever so old games that are on our forum that are DEAD with the ability to make and delete new game thread sections based on how we the community feel it should be? Be gone with the auto bot MOD and never to return the soccer mom MOD'S that used to kill this forum off! Bring back OT for us to have some fun in! Make this forum great again where I and others want to look and help people in support area where as now I could really care less about them which is sad for me to say, but with a almost broken forum can you blame me?




  • kisuma1

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    "Assign me, dead, stab and maybe 2-3 others to run this forum!"


    That wouldn't happen due to how the forums is set up. Permissions and whatnot. That and considering one of those people in particular, their behavior would need to make some serious changes.



    And no, can't really blame you there. One's pool of optimism just about needs to be deeper than the Mariana Trench at this point; mine, not quite as deep but its up there.

  • Happy New Years. Let's hope the spam bot's go back inside the cave they crawled out of in 2019



  • Just wanted to jump in and say lol^. 


    I'm all for the soccer mom mods too btw. Maybe don't give them the authority to ban accounts completely, but ban accounts from the "community forum" itself.


    No one will protect the children better than a squad of soccer mom's. The children will always be PlayStations bread-n-butter.

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    User mods, updated subsections, OT's return (assuming it could be closely moderated), are all great suggestions. Although as kisuma mentions the one key elements that needs to happen for any of this to be a reality, is development of the forum platform to allow these things (as you've heard me preach over and over again I'm sure). I think without that key ingredient happening, we can't even get into the fine details for things say as, how user moderation specifically would work and what could or could not be done.


    We have a handful of people on the forums who have remained who want to see the forums get back to a working state, and that's a good thing, but foster you're right, it's hard to use the forums or have the incentive help others for example, when it becomes difficult to do or doesn't work properly. I know I personally have lost plenty of responses, PMs failing to send, etc. which has resulted in some pretty frustrating moments when trying to contribute.

  • Remove one of the dead game sub sections and replace it with OT issue solved. Next have them MVP's and us users debate and then add new game sub sections to be replaced and archived with old threads with MVP'S or someone on this forum who is more active to lock and make new game sub sections as new and bigger games come out and this forum is set to take off with additional forum features to be worked on and implemented as they come forth! Give MVP's or someone the ability to pin hot threads and game discussion threads and then the ability to unpin them to replace with newer games and discussion to be had subjects!


    There I think I just fixed the forums for us lol?