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05 Jan 2019 12:48 PM
By: king_leeels

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Did I get a PS4 too late?

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I just received a PS4 pro for Christmas. I like it so far, but I've been seeing so many posts that are discussing a PS5 release in a year or so, that I'm wondering if I came too late to the PS4 party?? I mean should I return this thing and wait? I'm feeling a little anxious...

  • Whenever they launch the next console, it's never a good idea to buy it right away. When people do that there are always complaints that there are bugs in the system, features have been left out and there are no good games ready for it. It can be a couple years before the system is really all it should be. So you have a lot of time.


    Odd that you chose forum feedback to post this. Should have been in consoles and peripherals. Or general, but I get it, general is ueless.

  • My apologies. This is my first post in the forum ever.... I'll post it there. Thanks for your reply.
  • kisuma1

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    General would have been the best fit. Anywho, welcome to PlayStation and the PlayStation forums!😊
  • As a member of "the official message board of the playstation community" let me be the first to welcome you and apologize for this really bad forum we have ATM, My guess is year 2025 and we will have a great working forum???? Until that sup!
  • Posts, articles, or any conversations about the PS5 (other than an announcement from Sony) are pretty much meaningless. The chances of anyone from Sony (who could make any kind of a difference) seeing these is non-existent. Keep your Pro and enjoy it for years. As Brises said, there's little reason to by a console right at launch.