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08 Jan 2019 06:31 PM
By: dimble_gimble

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Event Notifications

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It would be nice to be able to disable notifications for games we dont play anymore, I haven't played ESO or the Division in years but that doesn't stop the annoying notifications from popping up when they have something new.

  • kisuma1

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    Not sure if someone had directed you here, but this section is meant for feedback regarding the forums. Any network or console related suggestions aren't really taken on the forums.


    I'm not entirely knowledgeable about the PS4 as I've only had one for about a month, but maybe someone who is can pop in and knows a way how. Surely there could be.

  • There is a box you can uncheck in Settings >> Notifications >> Pop-Up Notifications, listed as Events. I have the box unchecked, but unfortunately It still doesn't seem to stop event notifications.


    I would imagine you could uncheck the box for Notifications Pop-Ups, to stop notifications from being displayedbut unfortunately that would probably also affect other notifactions as well.