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30 Jan 2019 10:32 PM
By: Patchex

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Forum Post Edits and Time Stamps

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I have noticed that we do not get time stamps on Edits here on the forums or even a note that an Edit has been made unless the poster mentions so... I really think that might be a good edition to the forum set up. 

  • There is quite a few good features missing from the unfortunate revised forums. One I would love to see return is the auto save/draft for your post. I have lost several posts do to pages suddely reloading.


    At least with the old forums you had the ability to simply reload a saved post. Now if there is any loss of the current page while writting the post it's lost, and requires a rewrite. Short post are not such a big deal I guess, but longer post can be.


    It would be a nice convenient feature to have back.

  • If you edit a post you can see it in your profile as *updated* and it has a time stamp. You probably mean on the forums page but why?


    The place is horrible and they can't even stop spam lol. I think asking for anything other then them fixing this place which they also are not going to do is a bit of a waste and wishful thinking.


    @Black_MagicWoman that happens to me all the time and I mean all the time!!! I make a bunch of changes and the damn page reloads for no reason and it's all gone. But with all the other bugs it's just another one on the list. I never really used the draft feature but with Lithium I never had the page reload for no reason so now I might.


    Only downside to the drafts for me was I am kinda ocd about cleaning up thing's on my computer and Lithium would save all drafts forever so I would have to go through and delete them one by one lol.

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Yeah. Add it to the list right ;D. Great idea sure, it's just a matter of: is it ever going to happen? Haha.


    And yeah the forced page refresh can be a pain. I've noticed it happens specifically after making a new post or edit (maybe within 1-2 minutes). If you make a post and need to edit right after, I suggest refreshing FIRST. Once you refresh the page you'll be ok. If your post is still highlighted in green cause it's 'new' on that page instance, your edit is subject to getting wiped. It's happened PLENTY of times to me too, frustratingly enough.

  • What I have been doing lately to avoid losing any post, is to copy what I have written. If I have to step away for a moment, or open another page to check something.


    I will copy what I have written up until that point, so if the page does happen to reload. I can simply paste what I have done so far, and continue on with my post. 


    Once in a while though I do forget to copy, or copy another link for something lol, but for the most part it works for me, plus saves a bit of time.

  • Patchex

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    Yea @ Blackmagicwoman, The refresh while editing is a pain... 


    And Yes @StabnKill I would like to see the Edits listed on the forum for others... because its hard sometimes to tell when someone changes something, I have responded to posts only to look back and see they have been changed, and even though I notice the change, it is not noted, and that is a crappy thngs for some posters to do... I think that is a pretty basic feature that should be included... It is also inportant for updated Op's


    Yea @Dead-sync it would be a nice thing to see added to the list... slowly we are seeing changes and that is good to see... wish it were a bit faster, yet good things take time... 

  • Before even worrying about stuff like that, it would be nice if posts would even appear when they are suppose to. And now I see that the thread listings are not updated with accurate reply counts, and some posts have disapeared that were here earlier, and not posts that would have been moderated. They are just gone. Fix what should be working before adding anything new.