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16 Dec 2018 12:10 PM
By: DivinE_-_BUllET

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Hi there,

I think I got hacked I saw a pre-order game I bought on DEC, 3, 2018 which is ( Just Cause 4 Golden Edition ) with PS Gift Card, was refunded by I don't know who.

also, there are some purchases made on my account which I never did also I see in your refund email mentioning that I called for a refund which is never happened.

also, I see that there is more action on my account like creating my account for children which also I never did so please I want either my money or my game back.

I need your help A.S.A.P, Thanks.

here are some Screenshots:


Transactions I never did:

and for your information, all this happened today.

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Hi Divine,


    If you believe your PSN account has been compromised, follow the steps found in SECTION 2 of this guide. This will review how to secure your account. Refund inquiries need to be made with customer support. How to contact them is also in the link I've provided.

  • a367587

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    My debit card was hack and tryed tulo get a refund and refused to do t and was rude ni vim stuck with game u don't like and out monry I don't have thanks PlayStation I'm going to exbix !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • You will find that "exbix" also has no obligation to help people who do stupid things.