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19 Dec 2018 12:22 PM
By: Cloud__Rulez

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My god Sony, FIX YOUR SITE!

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What has it been now, 2 MONTHS of daily SPAM from bitcoin scammers and other crap? This site is a damn joke now.... I had to go through TWENTY FOUR PAGES of spam the other day to find the real posts.... idk why i bother. 

  • It's time to jump ship Bros, brosettes, and even anyone who dislikes me can easily agree too. It's already hit the bottom and it's not coming back up. Done.


    If you are interested in being a part of a current gaming community you should look into an upcoming gaming news site called exclusivelygames. Here is a link to their public forum which is already up, running smoothly, 3500+ active members, and only going to get better as it ages.


    Now keep in mind this is aiming to be a STRICTLY non political gaming site for all types of games. So if you enjoy talking politics it's not the place for you. I haven't yet found a place for Playstations political activists. Quite frankly because I haven't bother looking. And I'm not going to. They are on their own.

  • Or even go to psnprofiles if that community suits you better.  But seriously. It's only going to get worse here. Stop torturing yourself. 
  • kisuma1

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    About how many times does it need to be typed that this doesn't help? The spammers what the forums and hit even harder when these get posted. Me and a few others have been keeping track of the numerous IDs and reporting them.


    I get the frustrations and all of the complaints from everyone, and so does the support team. They hate what's happening just as much as we all do. What would really help is to turn that frustration into productivity.


    Start making a list of the accounts as you see them, PM the list to either myself or one of the other SMVPs (if they wish to help) or one of the support team members (Unicorn--Justice, Alkaiser-One, Joystick-Warrior) so that they can get taken care of. Chances are we may already have the IDs but it is possible to miss a few.


    All of this sucks, it truly does. But if we want this place to be better then we all should strive for that and be better ourselves.

  • Zirod

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    These type of cyber attacks are constantly generating random accounts. So trying to identify them and report them is just as futile as anything else. Also moderators deleting them as they pop up is also not the answer. For one thing, they should require that all new accounts be validated by email before they are activated. They could even go a step farther and require that all new account submissions be reviewed and approved by an admin.

  • These forums are a joke. More embarrassing then xbox's game pass ;). People google Sony forums and come here and see right at the top of the page

    [The official message boards of the PlayStaion comunnity]

    Followed by 20 pages of spam.

    Fire anyone involved with this forum. They simply do not know what they are doing. Slap on "Down for Maintenance" on the front page and take it off line.

    This Spam WAY out of control.


    Go to PSN Profiles for PlayStation community news, games and help.

    And reporting the spam bots?  LOL!!!!

  • Patchex

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    Thanks @Kisuma1


    Posting on the boards the names is Blacklisting,(even though the spam can be seen very plainly lol) yet now that I know you are working with others to make a list, if you do not mind, if I have time to help with said efforts, I will be sending my lists to you. I would much rather inbox Support folks on my level then Sony Mods... (that always made me weary and uncomfortable lol)