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28 Jan 2019 04:44 PM
By: CaptainAlbator

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Pin "Official Refund Policy" in EVERY section

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Every section has multiple entires about the same exact topic, all saying the exact same thing; "Hi, I'd like a refund, thanks bye". It might be time to pin the official refund policy in EVERY section. I'm of course assuming that users would actually READ it, which I know is a fool's errand to begin with, but still the information would be there for the using. After all nobody read the terms of service, and how many times do we keep seeing "Hi, I want to change my name, thanks bye". 

  • So much this. Wish I could give a like to this post. It would be very helpful if that was posted. Not that people would stop with the refund posts, but at least there'd be a reminder of said refund policy.
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    What? You guys don't like seeing 50 threads an hour about requesting a refund every time a new Beta, demo, or pre-order for a game comes around?😏




    It could help. Just unsticky the thread about latam support since we aren't seeing threads anymore and stick the other in it's place.

  • Hi, I want to change my name, thanks bye!

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  • Maybe Sony should offer a free game as an incentive to folks that actually take the time to read Policy Information, but then again it probably wouldn't matter anyways. 


    Folks would of course, still need to read the information about reading Policy Information to be aware of the free game being offered. I guess that make things sort of a catch-22.


    Yeah! @CaptainAlbator you may indeed be right. It's probably a fool's errand, but good luck anyways. ~.^