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21 Jun 2017 03:56 PM
By: PSForumsPost

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PlayStation Forums - Back Online and Next Steps

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6.28 Update

We’ve updated the PlayStation Forums with the following functionality:

  • Replies to a topic now bump them to the top of their respective board.
  • The Pinning feature for Admins and Moderators is now live, enabling these users to highlight select topics as needed.

We’re thankful for your patience, and we look forward to working with you as we will be continuing to exercise our new ownership on the development of the PlayStation Forums.

The next item of priority is addressing spam on the forums. We have a pretty straight forward fix for this and will be implementing as soon as possible, ideally in the next few weeks.


Hey PlayStation Forums Community,

The PlayStation Forums are back online, and thank you for your patience while we migrated platforms.

We know we have some work to do on the new platform to bring functionality and features to the level of quality you deserve, but the migration has allowed us to now own the development on the platform, so we’re more empowered than ever to customize the forums and keep building from there.

We’ll be providing visibility every time we make an update to the forums. We have a few development needs that we need to prioritize, but over time, we’ll want to engage the community more to vote on what features and functionality we should bring.

For now, here are the items that we have in development now, with more coming in the future. We expect the following to be implemented by 7/7, but will aim for earlier if possible. 

  • Ensure the latest replies from users on any given thread bump the thread as usual.
  • Bring ‘Sticky’ feature to the forums so that admins and users with special privileges can sticky threads as needed.

We’re building anew here, so we hope that you’re down to stick with us as we rebuild this space!

  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

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    Let's hope you guys start taking in user feedback (seriously) this time.
  • Box9Missingo (Support MVP)

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    Word. I hope that they start to do that as well.
  • This is even worse and slow down my internet when using this new look.It less user friendly and not happy that I wont get anymore support now.
  • Can we get the likes/kudos back?

    sigs too

    edit:Can't Quote, Has to scroll up to post a reply, doesn't show the name of the latest replier from outside.

  • KANE-FIRE (Support MVP)

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    Hopefully everything works well and basic features are added within a resonable amount of time.
  • Needs a LOT of work, but this format could have potential. Hopefully making it mobile friendly is one of the first things on the list. 
  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    Seems each post takes a ton of real estate on the screen.  Hope that the display format can be tightened up to avoid endless scrolling.  

    How about getting our ranks and titles back?  Post count?  Access to previous threads in a concise manner? 

  • younginflavor18 (Support MVP)

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    I love the new layout, and as the other users have stated that you guys should at least take user feedback a lot more seriously than before.
  • Box9Missingo (Support MVP)

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    Not digging the tiny avatars. But I'm wondering what's up with the posting ones? I see my old blue fairy one when I post, and my new Double Dragon one when I'm see my profile. 


    Anyone running into this problem?

  • I change my mind that i will be staying.
  • younginflavor18 (Support MVP)

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    You're not the only one with the same issue with having a previously selected avatar despite picking a current one. That is unless there is a feature that enables users to change Icons similar to the EU board.

  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

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    Does the forum software have the ability to nest replies to tell who is talking to whom?

    My Avatar seems to be correct.

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    The link to the Support forum that is listed near the bottom of the support page is broken now due to the change. The link on the site map is fine.



    Also, whether intentional or not, under Help 2-Step Verification is listed twice. It works as one link; so was there an intented icon that didn't get added or missed and the text got put up twice?


    Apparently adding images is borked too or I just don't know how to do it. I attempted to add a screenshot but it just showed a broken image no matter what I tried.

  • Fexelea

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    Posting here for anyone that may have missed it in general, creating a list of to-dos to help out the development team!



    The list so far:

    1. Links don't work

    2. No "quote" feature

    3. No mentions

    4. No signatures

    5. Awkward as hell desktop formatting

    6. Search is broken

    7. "My wall" is broken

    8. Editing old info threads removes their links

    9. No way to embed videos

    10. The forum index (playstation general) does not refresh "last reply"

    11. You cannot reply from the bottom of a thread, having to scroll back up to post a reply

    12. There's no "back to top" button

    13. There's no "reply link", making it impossible to link directly to a specific reply.

    14. There's no marker for moderators / admins.

  • How do I like posts? 

    No way to look/see if I forummm edit my spelling to tell meee idk'lkjljo as no red line telling me my spelling is off and to drink less?

    Took me some time to figure out to click that P logo to get to all the sub forums as I thought i broke!

    No report threads option that I see

    No way that I see to look up all the forum mod's so to PM if I had an issue to tell them?

    I really thought since the last forum coders failed in so many areas that off topic would be put back on here day 1 but no..........

    spellinggg is wqrongg to showw no edittits ons showingg me my typings sucks asd it dids.!

  • Well crap, the sorrer mom mod's on here won LMAO
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    It's flag instead of report now, located just below the text on a post (on mobile anyway). When you click it you will get a little pop up with a drop menu. From there, select one of the four options and click flag. You should see I think it was at the top of the post that it was successfully flagged for Moderation.


    PSForumsPost, it may not be a bad idea to mention the change in the RoC as well as a short how-to. It may not even be necessary but it would help for those that need it.


    Edit: possibly already known but there seems to be no swear filter.

  • Looking towards the future. Thank you!
  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

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    1. These are mostly only taking web browser usable space: The top black bars with only "Sony" at the right side, and the longest search box when there is already a smaller search box that does the same thing. (EDIT: now it does something different?)

    2. No easy way to change font size of reply, Some replys have big text and some replys have small text.

    3. Typing in new lines (enter in reply box) is stuck with double line, but after reply it goes to single line.

    4. While hovering my name at top right, middle mouse click or right click open link in new tab, broken link:

    5. In a pop up on my name at top right, "My wall" only reloads the page and doesn't go anywhere.

    6. This appears to be mixing the user's posts with mine or your posts, especially when scrolling down. After scrolling down all the way, have trouble trying to scroll up, and my web browser appears to repeatedly trying to load something about 5 times per second?

    7. "Flag" have too little options. How to report/flag duplicate posts? (just happened in Support Forums, Games & Services). Maybe prevent duplicate posts from happening in the first place by checking if the user's previous post is different and block identical posts to identical forum location.

    8. When i post or reply, it displays -1 seconds (negative one?)

    9. Links in new replys, including this one, are not clickable. No easy option to add links when making a new topic/reply.

  • Part of this is expermental.

    I don't see a PREVIEW option for posts. For me, this is not good. Expect spelling errors.

    EDIT after posting: There is an Edit option after I posted which I am using now.

    Is there way to enlarge text? I am not trying HTML at this time. I know i can enlarge text with my computer so that may be sufficient.

    • Will my photos from the old forum return? I value them.

    I don't care about aparent loss (so far) of Kudos or Post Count. "Post Count" phrase I tried to underline. See what I mean about Preview option.

    I can read the post completely without scrolling left/right.

    1. Numbered list item one.
    2. Numbered list item two.

    Trying to use JUSTIFY for indentation on this line. (I failed.)

       Using Space bar for indentation on this line.

    A bit of blue text color for this line. (I don't  grasp on using the color option.)

    Can't add spaces between most lines except numbered list.

    Image insert as I had before, more or less... or will it show?

    Done! Adding a smiley here :)   (Smiley doesn't work.)

    DONE!!! Enuff is enuff!!! Thanks goodness for edit option.




  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    Need flag to show to which posts I've replied.

    Need post history

    Need flag for solved issues

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Home Sweet Home! First post in the new land.

    It IS nice to be home, but that said, yeah obviously the new location is a rough one to start. That said I actually do believe that the migration will allow for a better result down the road, and it's actually nice to hear the confirmation. I did not know SIEA did not own the development on the old forums (maybe it was up to Lithium back then?), and that could have been a big reason why certain things weren't implemented. Much easier when you can do it yourself!

    So, it will be rough but we're all on the ground floor together on this. Let's build a new home for ourselves.

    PSForumsPost, thanks for the updates, the consistent updates of what's new will be appreciated. That said, my suggestions are probably obvious ones, the more priority features I would like to see are:

    1.) Tagging @soandso
    2.) Profiles
    3.) Advanced HTML
    4.) Signatures

    Obviously others and myself have probably 1,000 other suggestions, but I understand that they will need to be rolled out over time.

  • :^/ At the moment, I am unimpressed. But, it is still early days. I'm looking forward to learning more.


  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

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    I love coming here love being an support MVP , love helping others


    but these forums were not ready to come back online, I would have personally preferred them to be reed only until it was ready 

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

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    Threads with new posts need to be prioritised in the sort order.
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