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19 Jan 2019 08:52 AM
By: pedroyzively

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ps4 gold wireless headset bluetooth adapter

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hello, i lost my bluetooth adapter for the headset. anybody know where i can get a replacement?

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    This section is meant for feedback regarding the forums. Any support related issues or questions should be posted in the appropriate Support section.


    From my understanding, each dongle is paired to a specific headset. So finding another one wouldn't necessarily mean it could work.

  • Patchex

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    That is actually not true @Kisuma... (I fear sony Lies about this particular product to trick us into buying a whole new set honestly... ) Yet you are right about this post being in the wrong section lol... 


    You can check out this video... 



    As long as it is actually a gold dongle (check the model number...) you can pair it... it will not work with the original Playstaion Wireless headset dongle, and it will not work with a Pulse Dongle, yet gold and gold will work if you follow that video lol...