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Rules of Conduct

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While you are in the PlayStation® Community Forums, there are a few things we ask you to refrain from doing.

Please don’t:

Troll, flame or be offensive: 

Trolling and flaming is when you deliberately make offensive or provocative comments with the aim of upsetting another user or prompting an angry response from them. We will also remove any content or communication found to be racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive, libelous, defaming, threatening, bullying or stalking. We reserve the right to immediately delete any posting, suspend or ban any user at our sole discretion.

Swear or post inappropriate, suggestive or graphic images, text, videos or links 

Keep it clean. We have a language filter that *bleeps* out swear words, It is also against the rules to deliberately misspell a word to evade the language filter  - This also includes taking any action, uploading, posting, streaming or transmitting any content, language, images or sounds that the forum moderation team deems offensive, hateful or vulgar.

Violate anyone’s privacy or post your own identifying information 

We take down any phone numbers, e-mail addresses and any other personally identifying information that is posted in public. This also includes posting PMs from other users/officials in the public forums.


No advertising commercial products or services or solicitations (this includes petitions, asking others to vote on a poll, and advertising your own personal website or other forum). No making off-topic or redundant threads, no posting multiple times in a row with nothing new.

Spam also includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Bumping which means making a new post solely to bring it up to the top of the thread listing and push down legitimate discussions, including old and inactive discussions.
  • Insignificant contributions such as repeatedly posting just “LOL”, “+1”, “agreed”, “.”, “QFT”, etc. Instead, you can ‘like’ the post by clicking the thumbs up icon to show that you agree or like the post.
  • Poll Threads should be of PlayStation gaming relevance. Non constructive polls may be considered spam.
  • Persistent/Unceasing/Perpetual Private Messaging which can be deemed as harassing or spamming fellow users or officials.

Promote or take part in cheating, glitching, or other malicious/offensive actions 

This refers specifically to discussing or promoting anything that gives you or others an unfair advantage in online game play and/or interferes with the enjoyment of other players, their experiences, or their participation on the forums.

Accuse others of cheating, glitching, boosting or other malicious/offensive actions 

We refer to this as “blacklisting” or “naming and shaming”. If you think that someone is violating the Terms of Service or the Rules of Conduct in some way, report them through the games title itself (if you can) or through the PlayStation Support area. Please refrain from reporting In-Game infractions in these forums. 

Create an alternate PSN ID to circumvent moderator activity 

This includes taking advantage of any PlayStation® Community System.


Here are a few guidelines for posting that we would like you to be made aware of in addition to the Rules of Conduct:

In general, PlayStation Community Managers and Moderators from time to time, may edit post content at their discretion. This is usually only kept to top-level edits like Topic Titles and formatting. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome, and will not be edited so long as they adhere to the Terms of Service.

How to use 'Clan Threads' 

One thread per clan. Clubs, Clans and other organizations or themed threads should have a single thread, which we recommend have a [Club] or [Clan] tag in the subject line. Updates can come via new posts or editing the OP of the thread. Please do not create new threads for club exclusive events (this means only club members are invited) – these belong in the club threads.

How to use 'Event Threads' 

Events which are not exclusive to a club/clan (all users welcome!) may have a separate thread created. Again, please restrict this to one event per thread. Recurring events should have existing threads updated, rather than new threads created for each occurrence.

How to post spoilers fairly 

Please place [SPOILER] in the subject line of your thread if you plan on discussing that might spoil anything for another user. 

Avoid using all capitals 

Online, typing in all caps or a large font size is considered shouting and doing so tends to annoy others in the community.

Run spell check 

We don’t expect you to be perfect, but make sure people can understand you: run a spell check and make sure your grammar makes sense before you post.

Use descriptive & interesting titles 

Titles like “I need help!” don’t describe what you’re talking about. Making sure people know what you’re talking about just from reading the title will help you get the attention you are seeking. Forum moderators may change your thread title to address this.

Use search 

Check the forums for the topic you want to talk about before you post. Someone may have already answered your question or started the conversation. You can also use the ‘Auto Search’ feature which will find similar topics as you start to type the topic title. Forum moderators may merge new threads into an already existing thread should that topic have already been in active conversation. 

Giving Prizes / Running Giveaways 

You are always welcome to share your community building events and contests on this forum. Due to legal liability issues, if your contest or event involves prizes or giveaways, the following disclaimer must be included in your post exactly as written here: “Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC is not responsible for this promotion.”


Legal Stuff:

In addition to the Forum Rules of Conduct, the Forum Moderation Team may choose to implement additional forum policies at their discretion for day-to-day matters which are not explicitly covered in the Official Rules of Conduct. These policies are usually posted in the Community Forums and are featured. All information contained within is considered Forum Policy unless otherwise specified in the Official Rules of Conduct or in the Terms of Service. Posted Forum Policies may be enforced similar to how the Official Rules of Conduct are enforced and at the discretion of the Moderation Team. Before participating in a forum, please read any applicable featured threads to become familiar with any additional posted Forums policies.

Users of the Forums and Community are subject to the Terms of Service, the PlayStation® Network Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Forum Moderation team reserve the right to immediately delete any posting, suspend or ban any user at our sole discretion.

Updated: 24 January 2017