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18 Jan 2019 02:00 AM
By: ooMIGIToo

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Changing Account Region

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Title is pretty self explanitory. One of the few things you can't change for your PSN Account is the region. I moved to Australia from the States 6 years ago and have not been able to purchase/redeem codes to my account because it is a NA account. Every other platform allows you to change that preference and as long as you arent hoping back and forth all the time you are fine.

Just recently got Spyro Special Edition and cant redeem the Spyro Avatars and Theme because my account isn't Australian/Oceania. I think it is absolutely absurd that even if I made a new account I can't link the accounts to still have access to my games through one medium. I shouldnt have to make a new account. All of my stuff is on the NA one.

Something has got to change here. We live in the 21st century and have access to content from all over the globe, yet can't change a region because of business reasons. You want my continued support this needs to change, because SONY right now is NOT for the players.

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    This section is meant for feedback regarding the forums. You have not contacted Sony by posting here nor do they have an official presence.


    You can easily fund your account by purchasing PlayStation Store cards or codes through various online retailers. Content is regionalized to conform with local laws and regulations, so switching regions is not as easy as flipping a light switch. You may have purchases on your US account that is illegal in Australia; so not only would you have to agree to a different TOS, Sony would also have to remove said content from your account.


    This doesn't even include the added work of moving your account data from one PlayStation region server to the next, you're likely US purchased PS4 not being able to be repaired in AU, etc.

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