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22 Jan 2019 04:07 AM
By: Patchex

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This is not the Support Section for this community Forum...

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Maybe due to all the Spam, community members are posting here because it is to difficult to post in support, or maybe its because the forum is a bit difficult to navigte if you have never been here before?  (Plus some of the support MVPs over there are not so kind and make newer members feel like crap...) this should be fixed... I hope it does, because this is not Support section... this is Forum Feed Back Section... 

  • Zirod

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    Moderators have the ability to move threads to the appropriate forum. If they don't do so, they are essentially telling the members that where they have posted is ok. Considering that network support and general are practically useless, I'd say the staff has bigger fish to fry.


    Perhaps you could convince people to stop asking for refunds on the forum?

  • You're very right and threads are all over the place on this board and all the others, But wouldn't you say the main issue with "The Official forums" "Forums feedback" section really is that they don't say anything ever to anybody after they offer feedback? What is the point of a feeback section if it all falls on blind eyes anyway.


    The out of place threads suck but with all the other issues this place has I am just kinda glad anybody bothers to make a thread at all no matter where they post it.

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Just because they don't get moved doesn't mean it's ok. As you've said Zirod, there are bigger fish to fry. I mention that this section isn't meant for support in hopes that if those users do come back that they'll post in the appropriate section. It continues to baffle the mind that Support is listed at the top, yet they skip to the bottom, see the word feedback and think it's the right place. I just about guarantee that's the reason; or AskPlayStation is misleading users again.


    And as I've also typed before, the threads are definitely seen and read. The Support team members themselves have said as much and are as disappointed about the progress as we are. They want the forums to grow and improve just as much as we do, but I will agree that not making those statements public does make it appear as if they don't care. A few of us have already poked them about getting an official statement or update, but like with any company they need approval to do so.



    I can try poking them again, but I tend to err on the side of caution and not irritate them too much. Glob knows how much they've got to put up with every day.



    Edit: forgot that when a thread is moved it no longer shows up in your post history, so there's that.

  • Patchex

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    @Zirod, I know that there is a lot going on right now for SONY Playstation lol the largest community on any Console Platform atm... Pretty Amazing feat honestly... Over 91 million active users right now, and the Ps5 in development... 

    They might have more fish to fry... however that does not mean that the community forum area should be neglacted as it has been... I could go on and on about how important I think this website is to the commuinty and the company, Yet I have posted about that many many times... lol

    As for the refunds thing... maybe if they Posted good offical guildlines and info threads and Floated them, with info like the Refund policies maybe there would be less of them? Even better combine all of them into one thread when they get posted lol and then maybe people would stop posting them randomly if there was one place to post them all... 


    (which brings me to a subject I have posted about many times as well... we should have grouping of similar threads... with the very first OP poster being the one who holds the original floated thread...) 



    I agree you are right, how can we know that we are being heard if there is no communication... the most important part of communication is that it is not one sided... because one sided is not communication...


    I even state so here in this old thread...



    Patchex Wrote-

    11/29/2017 - 07:58am

    It is taking a long time to get things under wraps with this forum, however we have no idea what they are dealing with or what they have to work with... (although I do think a bit more communication would be good...) Or even if they are getting paid to do this for that matter... this might not even be a paid position at this point... We do not know... so instead of ALWAYSbeing negative, maybe some positive reinforcement might be nice? Or even just some CONSTRUCTIVE critisizum. 



    Things like this are really why we need a Community Manager!!!


    @Kisuma You are right, just because there are bigger fish to fry does not mean it is right... 


    Yes Ask Playstation is not acurate... and the Search feature is even worse... and even though the section is labled right it is still hard to navigate if you are not familar with the new site lol Yet it used to be worse I had trouble finding it... thankfully they listened and Changed the Location... I noticed it way back and noted it, and they moved it... So they are reading and listening, just not communicating... (kinda threw actions I guess) Here is that thread and Note... 



    Patchex Wrote-

    08/21/2017 - 08:52am

    Thank you ctf... its a jumble ... I'll try reading it yet that is such a mess for me as a user, how can they sort threw that, yet thank you so much for letting me know about it... I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction... 


    Sadly though it makes me wonder how much the links are modded in this forum... I have not spent muh time here lately, I hope they are keeping an eye on the links posted... only becaue I do not trust the general public in that aspect... yet again thank you... 


    Also Just a note... why is this part of the forum not listed in the main section of the forums... that is not only missleading in a general sense yet it is also very hard to find with out a link like you gave me... that quit honestly and simply quite stupid on the fourm devs part... it does not show that they actually value or respect the communities oppion on the matter... 



    Here is another Example that they are listening... I have been asking people to post in the right sections for many many years... Yet I noted that we needed a way to help the Mods with the migration of threads here on the new forum, and they listened, and made ajustments... which was Amazing to see honestly... It really did make me feel like they were listening... yet its rare... 



    10NOV 201706:18 AM

     Patchex Wrote-

    I know you gals and guys are probably very busy... Could we please have Threads Moved...


    I know that its very hard for you all to keep things under wraps right now with all that has been going on here, yet could the Mods please try a bit more to move threads in the wrong sections... its a huge problem lately... 


    Maybe you could add it to the flag option... Wrong area or something like that... that way we could help too... 


    By December there was a Flag for us to use thankfully to help the mods move threads... 


    And yes we are asking them to communicate on a very vocal and persitant level... So the question is why are they not doing so? I really wish they had an official Floated thread that notes changes, (Not security changes of course, yet simple ones... ) And yes I know that we have a community one located here by Dead Sync... Yet it is not the same as an offical one... 



    Yet I am thankful Dead Sync is trying, and he (or She) does Help alot on this fourm, just like you @ Kisuma, you two are actually really good MVPs, and I am very happy to see you two always posting... its refreshing... 


    Its still does not replace Offical Postings though... (yet they could always hire you two lol that would help I really think...) 


    As far as the Posts being misplaced here in Forum feedback instead of Support forums might also have something to do with how it is listed as well though... Support is just listed as support and as I mentioned in a very old post is that is Described as a Community Support Fourm... not Offical... which might be why they are posting here instead... The feedback is seen more by Mods and Admins most likely then the Support forums... So people think if they post here they will get answerd faster... Which from what I see is kinda true... We tend to answer here more then the support section...(plus like I mentioned its kinda hostel in there) Yet that has a lot to do with two other points I made, Like all the Spam and also the fact that there are way way to many similar and repeat posts... If they were grouped into Umbrella Threads then it would be easier to answer Support questions for members and it would be more community Driven rather then a Cluster Granade of Threads... Just another main reason we need a community Manager...  


    Yes threads not being able to be found in history after they have been moved is a huge issue... Yet the History situation here is a joke just like the Search feature... and really needs to be fixed... we need a similar set up like we used to have where all the posts you ever made were saved in your profile with markers to new posts from other community members and a way to float personally the ones that you would like to keep an eye on the most. I have noticed changes and inconsistancies with the History that I have noted in the "Community" Update thread I posted above, and I was blatently ignored for my observations... so I have not been so vocal or active in Dead Syncs Thread because of it... 

  • I'm not sure if any folks have noticed, but PlayStation General has the same identical top header, word for word as PlayStation Forums Feedback. Both show PlayStation Forums: The official message boards of the PlayStaion community.


    Sure when you go to the PlayStation General page, it shows PlayStation General to the very far left, but it's also in very small print. I would imagine some folks don't notice it, compared to the very large top header which stands out pretty much immediately. 


    The actual PlayStation General page is constantly filled with spam. The PlayStation Forum Feedback page rarely has spam, or at least it hasn't had any whenever I visit it. 

    Maybe the folks trying to post in General with all that spam, figure that since both forum pages have the same identical heading, it's the same forum page. Visually both page headings look identenical.


    I seem to remember the PlayStation General  header being shown at the top of the page, like all the other forum pages show, before the forums were remodeled. Maybe it's just an oversight, but I would imagine it also adds to some of the confusion.

  • Patchex

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    That is true @BlackmagicWoman... yes there has been Spam in forum Feedback too though... yet thankfully it gets moved out faster then any other section it seems, I think that might be because this section is looked at by the mods and admins more then any other section... General and Support get hit the hardest though, I think that is due to stats that can be seen on other web pages that they are the most active... I am not sure about the exclusive sections becasue I have no reason to visit any of those very often... the Only game in those sections I ever really liked was Last of Us, and I finished that many many moons ago back on PS3... and I only went into that section to report crappy glitches I saw... Yet I am not even sure I am interested in playing Last of us part 2 honestly, I have not been happy with the trailers (except the first one was good lol) and Naughty Dog has yet to deliver on the promise of true co op to this day... I am quite disapointed in them. So needless to say having Exclusive sections is a waste of space for most... It woudl be great if they at least gave us sub devisions for 3rd party games by genra, yet they do not... its like they only want to spoon feed us they stuff that they produce. and I can understand that keeping your products at the top is a great idea... yet they support many many dev companies that are not signed to just Sony... now the only thing I can see that doing is pushing people out of this forum to go and try to post in the other companies forum, which is not the worst thing, yet when a game is muti platform, I much prefer reporting glitches or speaking with my community that shares my platform rather then being the shuffle of Xbox, PC and Nintendo folks who might not be experianceing the glitches or issues seen on Playstation... 
  • Patchex

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    I feel like its beating a dead horse yet can we please have the Forum Feedback section cleaned out of Support and General related threads please?