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05 Feb 2019 05:28 AM
By: Unknown

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Why no Remote Play app for mobile?

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Hey there,

I never write on the forum, so I've used the search tool to find out if someone ever asked for this topic, but I didn't find anything. I was wondering why the Remote Play app for smartphone/tablet is still an exclusive for a small group of Xperia devices instead to be available for all devices, including iOS. For example, I have an iPad Pro 2018, which would be perfect for Remote Play, even because it's really easy to connect it via LAN cable to the network. Also, it would be easy to pair a DualShock 4 via Bluetooth by holding PS + Share buttons.

What do you think about this idea? Personally, I think that everyone would love it.

(English is not my native language, sorry if I did some mistakes!)

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    DS4 does not work on legal IOS builds Apple banned it... So the app will never release on IOS devices untill Apple unbans non MFI controllers...

    You can not use non MFI units on any Apple IOS device legaly and rooted devices will fail the rooted checks put in place by developers... (and when the hacks fail to be updated you end up with no use of the DS4 on IOS again.)


    Touch screen remote play controlls are garbage. Support for DS4 is required on Android sony mobiles if the sony mobile does not include the DS4 drivers the device does not get remote play licesnse even for sony mobile products... Every Android device is a custom build of the OS on phones and tablets and many will Not include FULL DS4 support STILL so they don't get remote play even if the device is from sony mobile...


    Sony mobile Paid for the developement costs NOT SIE... SIE did not care in 2013 about mobiles they made Console equipment... SIE only added PC and MAC remote play after the PSTV and PS Vita showed how baddly in support they were... It was only after the Vita proven failure that SIE set up a Mobile games developer...

    Sony mobile division still run remote play app compliance with DS4 support on there android tablets and mobiles... and Apple Still block DS4 usage which sony mobile will REQUIRE before any remote play port will be done.

    The sony mobile Z3, Z4 tablets supported remote play with FULL DS4 usage...

    Some thing IOS will never legaly do due to Apple forcing MFI licensing...


    Mac and PC laptops support remoteplay with FULL DS4 usage...

    Windows 10 tablets support remote play with FULL DS4 usage...

    Touch pad and 3.5mm jack socket usage is required and supported on remote play Via Bluetooth...  but many IOS and Android devices can't even do that as they don't include the drivers in kernals in there OS..


    All IOS devices Block DS4 usage so they will be no remote play via legal means...

  • Unknown

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    That's not completely true. The MFi license is not a restriction, it's just a standard with the (failed) purpose to make controllers compatible with all apps and games. It's not mandatory. You can always build an app which connects to proprietary external devices, using the HID profile (it's not even needed to update the kernel, both iOS and Android supports HID devices). Just to make some examples, Valve (can I quote another company here?) has made an update to his controllers some months ago to make them work on iOS with their Steam Link app - which has the same purpose of the Sony Remote Play app! Here's the link: (this was before Apple rejected their app, but not for the controller, just for their selling policy, we don't care of it here).

    Another example is the iCade controller. The result is that the controller will work as a common Bluetooth device, like a keyboard would do. The difference is that it would be compatible with the Remote Play app only, which is what we want. No MFi license or Game Controller APIs needed.

    On an Android device is even easier: as you can see on the official Android SDK guidelines, the OS has native support for controllers: I use the DS4 on an Android phone to pilot my Parrot mini-drone, without installing any third-party software. It works great.

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    Third party hacks are never going to get an app released by sony on a platform... it has to have FULL native support on the device including touch pad and 3.5mm audio and sixaxis and mic for PSN chat...

    Android users allready Had a third party release and found MANY android devices do NOT support the DS4 full functions....

    Samsung and Sonys own line of phones were specificity effected when the android app was hacked to run with the device locked removed and rooted... Android devices CAN support HID devices but many OS builds DO NOT and still do NOT support the DS4 sixaxis, touch pad, 3.5mm and analogue buttons these all Fail to work on big brands...

    The current remote play Sony mobile app can be run on phones that have the currect USB drivers not Bluetooth after rooting with a sony cloned boot kit that mods android  but again many users find there device does NOT natively have the driver... and then they have a rooted phone that fails to run there media apps as the rooting is then detected and other apps as the rooter detection were ahead of the hackers don't run...

    Android for a long long time had the device lock removed by hacker... but the DS4 usage will still fail on big brands..



    Any android device could run the app but the DS4 key functions were failures and made the games unplayable on many devices...