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09 Dec 2018 09:17 PM
By: Fexelea

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Please allow community moderators to cover off-hours and holiday shift

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@PSForumMods and anyone from Sony, I'd like to suggest that you enable special community moderators (with limited access and spam removal duties exclusively) so that we can get weekend and off-hour spam under control in Playstation General.

I've been around here pretty much since they opened, through many transitions, and I appreciate the work that goes into building forum software from the ground up, so let us do something to help you. The community has many reliable individuals that could be entrusted with "hiding" spam until a regular moderator can pass final judgement on the topic and account.


  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Unfortunately, the issue is getting there. Like I said, I don't think user-permission groups of that nature are even possible yet. heck we can barely read posts. ;D I would argue foster that even if some of the more basic forum functionality was available now, it'd at least be not as bad as it is now.


    Hopefully, one day though. That would be the standard to aim for in my opinion: as you suggested, to have select community leaders help supplement the moderation staff to provide more consistent coverage and weed out the bad posts. I can pretty safely say that forum communities that succeed, likely implement a system similar to that.


    On the bright side: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! :P

  • True Dead but if I think if we had an OT section to goof off in users would care, but not be so bothered by this forum with all the fun and debates we all would be having? Game debates, no political threads, music threads, PS entertainment app movie or show suggestions. anime suggestions, christmas present for my mom or dad idea thread or specific members, favorite candy thread as the list goes on and on plus my fav gif war or 3 word user generated story thread!


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  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    I ultimately would like to see the return of Off-Topic, but I don't think these forums are ready for that until we have more consistent moderation in place (maybe even user mods as suggested). The return of OT now, without proper functioning forums that are simply spammed and slowed down all the time. That said, considering how things are now, this section or even PS General are practically OT boards at this point, so maybe it doesn't even matter haha.

  • Patchex

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    Yea I agree General has become a huge OT spam fest... 


    I do not think that this forum needs OT, Like I have stated many times and I am in the minority as far as that goes... Yet I am one of the few who thinks that all topics in this forum should be related to games in one way or another or the funtions of this forum at least lol Call me oldschool... If you want to talk to others about likes and dislikes outside of gaming... that is what the communities and Party Chat are for, not the forums... Now that is not to say that you can not get to know your fellow gaming buddies here on the forum... Durring the Xi game, many folks would come to the forums and talk about the game with side notes about other stuff... that is all well and good, yet the basis for the convo was always the underlying game... 


    I really feel like a community manager that is paid would be be the best move at this point, and as far as Community based mods go, Like I have said many times, I think its a bad idea unless they are held acountable for bad actions... and rewarded for good actions... to much of a power trip for most to even think about implimenting, as we have seen in this forum many times... 


    One of the biggest mistakes I think that were made on this forum were taking out the sub game sections... the Exclusive Forum sections only are a huge joke and the only other option is General... Plus loosing all the Archives for the most part is bull crap... I think before any OT is ever brought back, we should have sub forum sections for games in general or even a better Forum section just for Non Sony party games... Anythign that we play on Playstation should be included, not just Sonys games.


    I really think that flagging needs major improvement and needs to be monitored on an hourly basis... which seems not to be how it is working at the moment... 


    Like I have said many times, I am glad that Litium and outside companies are not modding or hosting our forum... it was a mistake in the first place... not only does it cause fat heads, yet it also opens the community to security breach stuff that is un nessisary... Knowing that someone who does not work for sony can enter my forum account with out my permission is a security flaw and I am glad its not part of the system now... that freaked me out and made me very upset and weary about the fourm staff at that time... 



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