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06 Nov 2018 10:45 PM
By: mrwings80

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These forums are the worst I have seen.

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With Sony being such a large company why are these forums in such trerible shape? They never load and when they do it takes sevearl minutes. I have not seen forums this bad since the days of AOL member web pages. 

  • STABnKILL Find a youtube clip you want to put in k, then find and click "share"  and then find and click "embed" then highlight that code FYI clicking at the end of the code atuo highlights it then copy it and then come to this forum, click the HTML on the forum and copy that code from the video into that and then post and your video will pop on up!


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  • Thank's Foster. Work's but on mobil the audo is low for some reason but on my laptop it sounds fine? Good enough though and better then nothing.


    Now to make a music thread soon and see if the mod's let it be.

  • Look at the front page of the forum section. There has got to be at least one Admin still around. All I have to say is please shut down this site.


    These forums are an Embarrassment. Sony/PlayStation is a well known worldwide brand. If people come here to the site that says "OFFICIAL" forums and it looks like this what do you think people say?


    Shut down the site you simply are not doing your jobs and don't care. There are much better third party sites for the PSN community to get news and ask questions or get help on hardware or games. I suggest PSN Profiles. They have an amazing forum section with a lot of talented people.


  • Haven't posted on the forums in years. I can't believe how much has changed. The boards here used to be great and full of people.
  • Patchex

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    Yes it used to be fully of Awesome gamers and Awesome guides, sales posts, free stuff posts, game glitch posts and Everything under the sun game related... Sadly now its full of Spam and Trolls mostly, yet there are still some die hard Forum Folks, you just have to be persistant and patiant to find them... I think it will get better we just have to keep on keeping on with being the great community that we are... Try not to be to discuraged, I feel we will see great things to come if we are cool calm and collective. I hope anyway... Never Give up lol You only fail if you stop trying... 
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