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26 Apr 2018 10:12 AM
By: kleary1

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(nw-34345-9) PS4 wifi error code fix

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Assuming you always use WiFi for ps4, and you have attempted to reboot the WiFi and the settings> internet connection set up and it keep failing (for me on the IP address, my phone and computer hooked up to the WiFi no problem) 

To fix this you need to Connect directly to a LAN connection, chances are your ps4 needs a system update, since ur “off line” the update can’t connect so you get the NW-34345-9 telling you to connect but you can’t. 

After the update takes, take note of the IP address etc. then switch over to set up WiFi manually enter all the data it’s asking for and this resolves the issue, it should connect to WiFi no problem. 

  • This did not help at all. My console is still up to date and I'm getting the same error code.
  • Oiii