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26 Jul 2016 06:35 AM
By: AlexFigas

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Can´t activate my accont as primary in my PS4

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Im here because I can´t activate my account as primary in my PS4, I tried all things possible including deactivate all sistems online but nothing worked.

Pleaze help me, I have 3 more friends with the same insue.



  • davemcfly85 (Support MVP)

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    if the deactivate all has been used and you cannot use it anymore then all you can do is change the password and or email and password and wait the 6 months and use it yourself then reactivate it.

  • Your account have been pawned, sir.

    Better change your password and not same with another serivce.

    And you have to wait 6 months thank to useless sercurity of Sony.