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09 Oct 2016 03:12 AM
By: AlexFigas

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Can't Activate My Ps4 As Primary

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In my case, I share my account but, wen I go to activate as primary, I can't.
I had try to do the remove all systems in the website but, perhaps I also can't activate my ps4 right before that.
Please help me!
Thank you.

  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

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    Nothing can be done.  You are not permitted to share your account with anyone, for any reason.  You cannot activate a PS4 console unless there is no PS4 console currently activated under your account.  The only way to deactivate a console that you do not know the serial number of, is to use the Deactivate All feature on the web site.  If the feature cannot be used, because it has been used recently by someone else that knows your PSN sign-in information, then you cannot activate your console until the Deactivate All feature is available to your account again, which will be six months after it was last used.  There are no exceptions to the six month wait, especially if you were sharing your account.

  • Wait so if deactivate all is unavailable because your account was hacked there is nothing that Sony can do to help you?

  • DGH_By_Bots (Support MVP)

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    No. They wont help because of people like the op sharing their account to gameshare.

    They put the rule in place to stop gamesharing.

    Now im not saying you were gamesharing but Sony does not know that. Thats why they generally dont make exceptions to the 6 month wait rule.