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13 Feb 2020 11:25 PM
By: hunky_hippo

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Ok so I'm very frustrated right now because I bought an external hard drive for my PS4 by Maxone. I've been trying to format it as extended storage but I get the error CE-41902-6.So I've been trying and researching a bunch of stuff about this error and it means that the device is not 3.0.But the HDD is 3.0.Also before anyone asks it covers all the requirements: it's a usb 3.0(the cable also), it's 500gb, and it's plugged directly into the usb port and nothing plugged in the other port.The solution I was given was plug it in swiftly which is the stupidest thing I've heard and to no one's surprise it didn't work.So please help me before I throw my PS4 out the window.

  • Might as well throw it.  Same just happened to me and during resolution I got the blue light of death.  Second PS4 console to do that to me.  Of course both right after warranty and a $190 service charge to fix.  Guess I'll be going back to xbox.
  • The only thing I can see why it's doing this is the possibility that my PS4 ports are broken and can't read 3.0 USBs because I just cleaned them thoroughly and carefully and used the tape trick where you block the usb2 specification on the usb plug and my PS4 couldn't detect it anymore.Anyways I will test on my brother's PS4 to see if it's really my ports that are the problem
  • smlester25   Oh sure... becasue XBox repairs are free? I think not.