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11 Feb 2020 07:52 PM
By: CharizardSnow

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Cod MW has crashed and has crashed my PS4

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This started in the pregame lobby one day and started getting worse. In game im ​fine i mean she still gets loudish but whatevs. Last time I started it up it was good till i clicked multiplayer then my fans spun faster then a beyblade i hear a beep and it's crashed my ps4 totally.... I wanna play but this is dumb. My buddy said something about framerate caps so da buttz Cod. The PS4 has been cleaned and such i gues maybe i should redownload but rather have a answer

  • Many people are having issues with this game. You can check with the game developer, but they may be denying responsibility. I haven't see a solution on this forum, but you can always contact Sony customer service and see if they can help. They may tell you to delete the game and re-download it, but I don't know if that will help. Good luck.
  • Yes. I legit had the same problem. Clean ps4 pro and no dust. I really want to play but I have no idea what is going on