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02 Dec 2019 06:08 AM

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Controllers having trouble connecting

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Recently both my controllers stopped working for me. They both are having trouble charging but when I do have them charged they struggle to connect and stay connect. I have a black one which I bought with my console just under a year ago and my gold one is fairly new. Bought within the last 3 months. My gold one constantly connects and disconnects from my console. Even when my console is off the controller will try to connect to it and once it does will turn it back on. Wondering if I just need a new controller or if this is covered under a warranty and I can get a brand new console. 

  • You don't know what the problem is and you want a new console? If you send your console in for repair under warranty, you will very likely receive a different console in return, but it will not be a new one. It will be a reconditioned console. Have you tried re-setting your controllers? If no one else responds here, I suggest you call Sony customer service and see if they have any helpful ideas.