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14 Aug 2019 01:07 PM
By: SirPazta

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Dual Shock 4 controller no longer connects

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I've had my ps4 pro and the controller that came with it for less than a year and last night it randomly just desynced. the controllers light kept flashing white for about 3-5 minutes before powering off and did this about 3 times. i then waited for it to power off and plugged it into my ps4 through usb but it did the same thing after trying this twice. after about a half hour of waiting i tried using the controller again but all it does now is power on my ps4. the light on the controller stays solid white and my ps4 after turning on says to please plug in a controller.

  • Do you play a lot? It sounds like your battery is dead. Even rechargeable batteries don't last forever.