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16 Apr 2017 01:12 PM
By: No_Such_Hutch

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Dualshock4 3.5mm Pinout for Mic?

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I ordered a new mic for my PS4 (Sennheiser Game One) to replace my Kingston Hyper-X Cloud (good headset, but too small for my average-sized head).


I have a 02/ODAC headphone amplifier and DAC that I built, I'd like to use with the Sennheiser headset. I believe the cable configuration of the Game One is the same as the Hyper-X Cloud, so I was able to test to see if it would work. The headset cable terminates in a Y, with a 3-pole 3.5mm male mic plug, and a 3-pole 3.5mm male headset plug. The Hyper-X Cloud also includes an adapter to convert both 3-pole plugs into a single 4-pole male to plug into the controller. It works, with the following setup:


DAC/Amp plugged into AC power

USB from PS4 to O2/ODAC

Headset side of Y plugged into O2/ODAC

Mic side of Y plugged into mic side of 4-pole adapter, and 4-pole adapter plugged into DS4


I found that if I plugged the 3-pole mic plug directly in to the DS4, the Playstation wouldn't recognize that a mic was plugged in, but going through the adapter, it works.


My problem is that this setup leaves the headset part of the adapter unused and dangling around. The adapter is also only about six inches long, and I need several feet.


The only 3.5mm extension cables I can find are either 3-pole to 3-pole, or 4-pole to 4-pole. Looking at the pinout for both the 3-pole and 4-pole connectors, it seems like the Dualshock4 would be seeing the same thing with either solution.


My question is: will I have to build my own cable to achieve this, or is there a product available that will work?

I'm guessing the Sony 4-pole pinout is the same as the Nokia pinout in this diagram:


When I plug the 3-pole mic cable into the controller, it's getting ground where it would look for mic. If I use a 4-pole female to 4-pole male extension cable, the same thing will happen. The adapter I have is able to move the mic channel to the correct position on the 4-pole connector.



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  • Conductivity testing with a multimeter revlealed the Dualshock 4 3.5mm TRRS jack uses the CTIA pinout. CTIA corresponds to the Apple pinout on the diagram above. The older standard, OMTP, corresponds to the Nokia pinout. Mic and ground are reversed.


    I decided to build the cable I need, using these parts:



    Soldering required.

  • I ended up deciding to build the cable. If anyone looking for a similar solution stumbles on this thread in the future, this is what I ordered to make the cable:



    Total cost is about $11 shipped, and I can make a cable up to 6' long.


    *Soldering required*


    EDIT - I was lead to believe by a Reddit post that the Dualshock 4 uses OMTP pinout for its 3.5mmm TRRS jack. This is incorrect; the jack uses the CTIA pinout. I have updated this post with the correct parts required.


    In the diagram in my original post, CTIA corresponds to the Apple pinout, OMTP is the Nokia pinout. Ground and mic are switched.

  • Do you happen to have this diagram available somewhere? I wanna build this adapter 
  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

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    Search the internet: CTIA pinout


    It might be better to get a USB sound card that have both green and pink 3.5mm ports. Most of them work on PS4, but some USB sound device won't fit directly to PS4 and may require USB hub or USB extension cable to get it to work.