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12 Feb 2020 05:42 PM
By: Vexoria5621

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Error Code CE-34571-0 when trying to Restore Licenses

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Late last night I had some random issues with my PS4 after installing an update for Kingdom Hearts 3 and I had to initialize it to get things working again due to a slew of errors that happened all because of one update. Today I've got everything working well again and was trying to reinstall my games but I noticed a massive selection of plus games and digital purchases are now missing. I figured if I restored my licenses things would be fine. The issue I have now though, is that I go to the option and upon hitting Restore I immediately get hit with An error has occurred (CE-34571-0). What can I do to fix this error as it appears to be an error code that no one has had an answer for yet in the few cases I've seen for it.