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13 Aug 2019 02:02 PM
By: LumberjackKeef

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How to adjust screen position

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Situation: TV screen shows vertical lines of darkness when different shades of color touch the bottom right corner of the screen.  I have already tried to press all loose connections inside the old Sony TV which improved the picture, but still makes adjusting vertical lines throughout the screen when the very right bottom changes to a different shade.  I have circumvented this issue for my PC on HDMI by adjusting the screen vertical center upwards so that only black color hits that section, preventing the lines from appearing.

Issue: Although the HDMI output with my PC can be vertically adjusted, it seems the PS4 prevents me from adjusting the vertical center for its HDMI output via Sony TV settings.  PS4 settings cannot adjust the center.  The closest setting to adjust is "Display Area Settings", but it just adjusts the HUD in-game, but not the picture, so it still touches the bottom right of my screen causing the lines to appear.

Request: Is there any way to allow my TV to change the vertical center of the PS4 output or change the vertical center using the PS4 settings?  Neither can be done using the PS4 on HDMI.


I have tolerated this issue, but I feel that it can be fixed.  Thank you for your time.

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    The PS4 requires fully functioning correctly operated HDMI TV...

    Letter boxing adding Black boarders is not Supported...

    If the TV is malfuncting then to bad.

    The HDMI mode of the HDTV will run in Full screen mode as the HDMI mode of BD/console/game mode is specificly made to Force 16/9 aspec ratio with minimum display lag... PCs monitors are made to junk and gimmick screen ratios and a mess of aspec raito formats that HDTV will not support with out specifc scalers added with a "PC mode" on modern TV to correct for the junk formats PC graphics cards use...

    If the HDTV malfunctions get another HDTV from second hand market...

    The next generation of 4K Consoles are also going to use 16/9 aspec ratio for 4kTV...






  • Thank you GraphiteGB, that's the answer I needed.  Thanks again for your time and help.