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13 Feb 2020 11:29 AM
By: tiananman

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I've sent my PS4 to Sony TWICE for repair... Still doesn't work

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Twice now in the past two months, I've sent my ps4 to be repaired. I paid the $99 repair fee, told them it appeared there was an HD issue. They "fixed" it and sent it back to me. Both times, it works the FIRST time I boot it up. I am able to initialize and load the 7.02 update from a flash drive. 
Then I download a game from my account or load up a game from a disc, and I can play. But if I shut off the machine, it will not load back up. It puts me back into the same loop of having to initialize, failing to boot, wash rinse repeat.

This time, I talked to someone through playstation chat and they told me "oh it sounds like your HD went bad. You should replace it." Oh really? You mean, the same problem I've told you about twice? That's what's wrong huh? 

Couple questions: Why did they go through all of the process of asking me about the problem with the HD if they weren't going to fix it? Why did I pay them $99 just to have them tell me to fix the HD? What is my recourse to get a refund for the repair fee (since they DID NOT complete the repair?)

Anyone else have a similar problem? What did you do to get results? 

  • Update: I replaced the HD and everything is working fine. I wish Sony would have suggested this first before having me plunk down $99 for them to not fix it, for two months...