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14 Aug 2019 12:57 AM
By: jayn81

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Movie playback (blu ray only)

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Need help! After having endless problems with 4 different ps3 systems throwing off calibration due to watching DVD's I decided to only use my ps4 for games and blu ray movies. Barely used it for the first 8 months and it then suddenly stopped playing blu ray movies ONLY. Plays games perfectly and now have had to resort to trying DVD's and they work is only the blu ray movies that won't even load enough to register as an inverted disc at the standard 2 attempts to load. I've never changed the settings for video playback and have only ever used legally purchased games and movies. Also, the protection software is still active and I've tried rebuilding the database to no avail. Anyone else had this issue and have any recommendations or fixes besides the standard "send it in for repair"? It's now been another 7 months and I don't want to pay for repairs just to get another system back that might have even more problems like I dealt with for ps3.