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11 Jul 2014 09:56 AM
By: r9800pro

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PS4 DVD/Blu-ray region change

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Ok so I got my PS4 from the USA and knew beforehand that it is locked to Region 1/A for DVD/Blu-ray discs. However I decided to just check it with a region 2 DVD that I have and got this :



For my surprise when I clicked "Options" I got this message:




I haven't found this mentioned anywhere in my search and I don't know how to change that region code setting

Region 1 for DVDs is ok for me cuz I have only one region 2 DVD in my collection and all the discs I got were from the US. However for Blu-rays it is totally different because is selling most Blu-rays way cheaper than the US site and it is far cheaper to ship to me in Egypt.

Anybody knows where that "hidden" setting might be ?

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    (My answer will not be what you would like, but others may offer you further help).


    Never seen that screen before, but - to be honest - I'm not suprised if there was one hidden somewhere on the developers models. This is similar to the method used on PC DVD drives. You can change the region a number of times before it is frozen to that region (usually 5 times).


    As for normal PS4s, you'll just need to accept you can only play DVDs from your region.

    Bly-Rays are, mostly, region-free. They DO have region codes, but the industry has decided not to use these codes to restrict players.


  • Thank you for the reply.

    Yes it is true that this limited region changes was used in PC DVD drives (plus even some tools to reset the counter lol) and I already have 6 DVD drives for PC that were flashed to be region free.

    I was hoping the PS4 would have a similar option but there was no mention of that untell I've seen it myself.

    I've always been a PC gamer and already have a high end gaming PC but got the PS4 just for exclusives and to be a set-top player for movies. This is my second console ever in my life after the Atari 2600 back in the 1980s :D


    I went with the US model of PS4 just because I have access to US stores and mt brother lives in the US but I was surprised when I saw how much cheaper sells Blu-ray movies compared to, it also ships to Egypt easily with a very low cost.


    I just need one chance to change the region coding for the PS4 drive (specially for BD) to make it Region 2/B then will not touch it again.



  • Is there any work about 3D Blu ray support yet?

  • This is another question that bothers me.


    Why would Sony push towards 3D Blu-Ray and 4K but keeps them away from the PS4 for that long ? Hell, even PS3 supports 3D Blu-ray fully.

  • 4K is a bit unnecessary for games consoles at present, in my opinion, but 3D-BD are well within the PS4's reach.

    It will be something that's incorporated before long I'm sure.


    There were a few things that weren't included at PS4 laumch. I'm sure Sony had good reason not to, but most of the stuff on our wishlists are not beyond the capability of a firmware udate anyway.



  • I was surprised the same as you when I first tried playing a DVD from another region and I did see that same screen you did. However, in my case, I was indeed able to go on and change the region setting on the system.


    Here's the video showing the process:



  • After changing region for DVD, did you try a bluray from another region? For example, if you changed the DVD region to 2 and play a bluray from region 2 does it allow? Probably the option is avaliable only for DVDs but the region change would work for blurays as well?

  • Any region change would encompass both DVDs and BDs.

  • If you want to get rid of the Blu-ray region codes and play different region Blu-rays on PS4/PS4 Pro anywhere, just read on.


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